Calling All Brainiacs; Can You Solve Dow’s Giant Chalkboard Equation?

Dow Giant ChalkboardHey, no one told me there`d be math!

That was the first thought that went through my mind when I looked at the math problem being written on a giant building-size chalkboard in New York`s SoHo District. The problem is being revealed a few lines at a time over the week with the ultimate solution being revealed on Friday.

The numbers in the formulas are associated with science and communications facts. From the obscure; 11232 (Patent number for bromine extraction) to the more mainstream; 8675309 (yes indeed, that`s Jenny`s phone number from the 1982 hit song by Tommy Tutone). It`s been hinted that when the answers to the formulas are put together it will create a narrative told in data.

It`s all a teaser campaign dreamed up by the folks at Draftfcb Chicago for Solutionism, Dow`s discussion forum for technology, science and communication.

You can follow the developing campaign on the Giant Chalkboard Tumblr blog or Twitter account.

UPDATE Sept 26: On Friday the answer was revealed to be 7 billion, which represents the soon-to-be world population.

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