Pharrell Releases 24 Hour Long Interactive Music Video for ‘Happy’

Pharrell - 24 Hours of Happy

Michael Jackson may have been crowned the King of Pop, but he was also a leader in producing long-form music videos. Arguably his most popular video, ‘Thriller’ was nearly 14 minutes long. His videos for Bad was 16 minutes and Ghosts was an epic 39 minutes long. However artist, producer, fashion designer Pharrell has ‘upped’ them all and released a website featuring a 24-hour version of his song ‘Happy’.

The 24 hour video is made up of 360 back-to-back performances of the song, including 24 by Pharrell himself (one at each hour), but also features celebrities such as Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, Steve Martin, Steve Carrell, Magic Johnson and Jamie Foxx taking their turn in front of the camera. The site features an ingenious form of navigation that allows you to jump to, and share any moment within the 24 hours.

The video was directed by We Are Social LA and produced by Iconoclast.

Here’s a more bite-sized 4 minute version of Happy for your enjoyment.

[via Mashable]


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