Fashion Brand Broadcasts New Collection Live from West Hollywood Hotel Room

Band of Outsiders - Room 29

As a touring musician, Devendra Banhart is no stranger to hotel rooms around the world. This Sunday Banhart will invite fans to virtually spend the day with him in Room 29 at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Band of Outsiders have partnered with Vice to have Banhart debut the fashion house’s rock-inspired Spring 2014 Men’s collection live from a number of hidden cameras placed around the hotel room.

The show gets underway on Sunday (June 23) at 9am PST when Banhart receives his wake-up call, and end when he has been photographed in all the looks from The Collection. During the broadcast he’ll receive instructions from the Vice staff via telephone, the Hotel Staff and type-written notes left in envelopes.

A 9am wakeup call for a rockstar? Now, that’s something I have to see. The event will be broadcast live all day at, and Follow the hashtag #Room29 to see behind the scenes content on Band of Outsider’s Twitter (@bandofoutsiders), Instragram (@thisisbandofoutsiders) and Vine (@bandofoutsiders) profiles.

[via Vice]


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