Doritos UK Ad Features Mariachi Version of “I Love Rock & Roll”

Mariachi Doritos - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Last summer Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Doritos hired a Mariachi band for an ad campaign and brought them to parties all around the UK to perform mariachi band versions of 80s classics like Rio, Need You Tonight and Don’t You Want Me.

This summer Doritos have brought the band back with a new edgier image and a mariachi version of the “I Love Rock & Roll”, originally a hit in 1975 by The Arrows and further popularized by Joan Jett & the Black Hearts in 1981.

The London-based group, which is actually named Mariachi Mexteca, performs a wide repertoire of Traditional Mariachi music to English pop songs.

[via The Drum]



  1. JoanneBam says:

    This is an Arrows song, written and released in England in 1975 by the Arrows band, composed by group members Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker and produced by Mickie Most on his RAK Records label. An appearance of the song on a Muriel Young produced TV show called “45” of the single got the band Arrows their own weekly TV series the following year in 1976, so the song served them very well. Joan Jett saw them perform the song on their TV show while on tour that year with the Runaways and got a copy of their record. She covered it in 1979 on Vertigo records and didn’t have a hit with it. Again in 1981 with phenomenal promotion and the song went # 1 in the USA. However it only peaked at # 4 in the UK because everybody there already knew it as an Arrows cover and it wasn’t new material.
    Please don’t mislead the copyright of this song in your article description in the heading. Joan Jett didn’t write the song. She did a great cover of a great song written by the Arrows.
    “I Love Rock N Roll” copyright RAK Music Publishing, UK 1975.

    • Thanks for your comment, while I do know that it was originally an Arrows song, Joan Jett’s version is the version most recognized in North America and would most resonate with people that I know in this area. I have changed the title, and made mention of the Arrows in the article. I hadn’t realized they also had a hit with “Touch Too Much”

      Now I’m lost in YouTube watching videos of Arrows, The Sweet and Suzi Quatro, cheers 🙂

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