Just Another Day on the Farm. Goat Rides Horse in Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Ad

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Ad - Goat Riding Horse

As anyone who’s fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube animal videos can attest, little goats like to climb up onto things, and it’s hella cute watching them do it. (does anyone still say the word ‘hella’ anymore? So, when the crew filming Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism commercials spotted the unlikely duo near Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, they just had to capture the moment.

In response to what must have been a doubting YouTube commenter, a spokesperson for Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism said:

“While we appreciate that this seems like an unlikely situation, there are actually four goats on this farm, and they all ride the horse. The owner of the animals assures us this is a regular occurrence. When the horse lies down, the goats climb on his back, and then the horse stands up. Our video captures the rest.”

[via Business Insider]


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