No Cash, No Credit Cards. Man Must Barter His Bacon on Cross Country Drive

Oscar Mayer Bacon Barter

Bacon as a viable currency presents a few problems right of-the-bat. First and foremost, I’d eat through my cash pretty quickly – but really what else would I need to buy if I had bacon. Second, we’d have to re-invent the wallet to better keep our cash fresh. Third, pigs would be even less thrilled with their lot in life.

Despite those issues, Oscar Mayer kicked off The Great American Bacon Barter in New York with comic actor Josh Sankey bartering 10 packs of bacon for a psychic reading. Josh did a little better later by scoring a six pack, a bag of ice and tickets to the Jets game.

You see Josh’s mission is to travel from NY to LA, with no cash or credit cards, just a trailer full of 3,000 pounds of bacon. He must barter the bacon in exchange for food, accommodations and whatever else comes up along the way.

Each day Josh will be tweeting out what he needs at @BaconBarter with the hashtag #needit. People who can help out can contact him through Twitter, the Oscar Mayer Facebook page or email.


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