Google Doodle Celebrates 46th Anniversary of First Episode of Star Trek

Google doodle Star Trek

If there’s anything I’ve learned from watching the original Star Trek, it’s if you’re beaming down to a planet in a red shirt, you’re probably not coming back.

Google pays tribute to the red-shirted crew member in today’s home page doodle that celebrates the 46th anniversary of the airing of the first ‘official’ episode of Star Trek on Setember 8, 1966.

The episode titled ‘The Man Trap‘, featured the crew of the Enterprise on a routine mission to complete a medical examination of a husband-wife archaeological team, but instead they unknowingly encounter a shape shifting alien.

The mini story presented in the doodle is actually based on another episode from Season 1 titled ‘Arena‘. Captain Kirk must battle the reptile-like captain of an enemy ship, in order to save the Enterprise from destruction.


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