UNIQLO Recruits YouTube’s Maru to Catvertize San Francisco Store Opening

UNIQLO Lucky Cube with Maru

Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO has teamed up with YouTube-famous feline Maru for ‘Lucky Cube‘, in a promotion for the October opening of their new San Francisco store.

Maru, a five year old Norwegian fold, is the star of his own YouTube channel with over 174 million views. If you love watching a large cat jumping into boxes or paper bags, this is the channel for you.

Maru’s skill at jumping into boxes is the basis of the ‘Lucky Cube’ contest. Each box contains a prize code which can be redeemed at a UNIQLO pop-up store in September or at the store after it opens in October. Prizes include 50 blimp rides, 100 ultra-light down jackets, and 1000 heat tech long sleeve crew neck shirts.

[via BuzzFeed]


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