Discover Ireland Ad Invites Londoners to Escape the Madness

Discover Ireland - Escape the Madness

Irish actor Mark O’Dowd, best known in North America as the lovable cop in Bridesmaids, is the voice (and makes a brief appearance) of a new Discover Island campaign that hopes to lure Londoners away from their soon-to-be tourist-clogged streets over to Ireland for a quick visit.

In the ad O’Dowd claims that it may take less time to fly to Ireland than it will for people in London to reach their office, and he challenges two Londoners to a race. City Boy must struggle through traffic, grab a latte and drink it at his desk, while Yer Man (love the names) must fly to Ireland and enjoy a pint of Guinness by the sea. As you can imagine City Boy is facing an uphill battle, while the worst Yer Man faces is an exploding bag or airline peanuts and a errant flock of sheep.

While you’re enjoying the video… I’ll already be on my favorite patio savoring a pint of ‘Guinnee Guinnee Blum Blums’. I’m really hoping that people really say that?

At the end you can choose the option to ‘Escape the Madness‘, where you can win a weekend trip to Ireland or ‘Embrace the Madness‘, where you can win access to the Irish Olympic House and a 200 bar tab.

The ad was put together by Publicis London.

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