Fiat Illustrates Fuel Economy of Novo Uno with ‘Powered by Pee’ Test-Drive

Fiat 'Powered by Pee' Test DrivesBefore you start envisioning the image of a dude using the gas tank of an unsuspecting Fiat Uno new… sorry, what? I’m too late?

The Fiat ‘If Pee Were Gas’ campaign out of Brazil does indeed feature several dudes doing their business, but thankfully this ‘test-drive’ challenge was confined to the men’s washroom of the bar.

Flow monitors were installed in the urinals, and a small digital screen was placed onto the wall above it. The more pee that flowed, the further the image of the Fiat Uno New traveled on the twisting roads on the digital screen. A small image of the player’s face was captured and placed onto a leaderboard along with the distance their Fiat Novo Uno drove. Thankfully the functionality to actually steer the car weren’t included.

Did it work? The case study video explains that searches for the Uno on Fiat’s website rose 12% during the promotion, and fuel-economy became the first feature mentioned at the moment of purchase (second was design).

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.


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