IKEA Sleep ‘Expert’ Reveals the Seven Categories of Australian Sleepers

IKEA seven types of Australian sleepersIKEA Sleep Expert Alvar Kalsson (played by actor Matt Sterne) and his research team have traveled far to help identify the seven categories of sleepers in Australia. As Alvar explains, “Sleep is an important part of life, we spend nearly as much time sleeping as we do listening to ABBA“. (now ‘Dancing Queen is my head, damn you Kalsson!)

While I have never watched myself sleep, based on the condition of the bed in the morning I’ll classify myself as the ‘Virder och Vänder’ or Tosser and Turner. Watch the videos and figure out which type of sleeper you are. Or, better ask your bed mate, they may have a different opinion.

The seven categories are:

  • Starfish (Sjöstjärna)
  • Log (Stocken)
  • Black Belt (Svart Bälte)
  • Snuggler (Mysaren)
  • Hökey Pökey
  • Chatterbox (Pratkvarnen)
  • Tosser and Turner (Virder och Vänder)

Each category of sleeper is recommended a different type of IKEA bed that best suits their sleeping style.

The campaign was created by PR agency One Green Bean with production handled by DangerMouse Productions.


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