Honda Offers Pinterest Users $500 to Take 24-Hour ‘Pintermission’

Honda Pintermission CampaignTo promote their new CR-V model, Honda has launched a new campaign on Pinterest, calling out 5 heavy users who have ‘pinned’ a combined total of over 20,000 images.

The campaign challenges the five (dare I say ‘Pintervention’?) to take a 24-hour ‘Pintermission’ from the site in exchange for $500 (no questions asked). Honda suggests that they get out and visit the places, try the products or do the things that they are collecting images of. So far, they have responded with pins suggesting trips to Hawaii, San Francisco and London.

A few other car companies are setting up Pinterest pages, but none have been as creative as Peugeot Panama, who created both puzzles and a narrative across their pinboards.

The Pintermission campaign was created by Santa Monica agency RPA.

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