Nike’s Inspires Running Karaoke With ‘I Would Run To You’ Clip

Nike 'I Will Run to You'Who couldn’t love a song with lyrics like “Love is a speeding comet. I’m in a pool of my own vomit”?

Nike’s new promo clip for their Free Run+ shoes features a couple who live on opposite sides of the country decide to run to meet each other while singing the appropriately titled song, ‘I Will Run To You’.

The woman in the video fares a whole lot better than the guy, who only makes it a little over a mile before collapsing at the Washington Square Arch (yes, I used Google Maps to measure the distance from 78A Forsyth Street to the arch).

The ad is inspired by the thought that if you are a strong enough runner, you can sing while you run. With that in mind Nike will be releasing a special ‘Karaoke Mix’ next week that includes the song in the video.

The spot was created by Nike’s agency W+K Portland, and directed by Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge.

The song can be download at

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