Peugeot Panama Pushes the Possibilities of Pinterest (Repeat 5 Times)

Peugeot Panama Pushes the Possibilities of Pinterest

While most companies are trying to figure out exactly what Pinterest is, others are jumping in to the wildly popular social network with wildly creative ideas. Peugeot Panama has used the boards view of their Pinterest account to not only display mosaics of their cars and trucks, but to present a story that promotes the features of each vehicle.

The story is told through the names given to each of the pin boards. For example the Peugeot Boxer is presented as Board 1: “With that much cargo space”, Board 2: “the biggest things you can imagine”, Board 3: “fit in a Peugeot Boxer”. The first and third boards are made up of 9 photos that create a mosaic of the back and front of the van, while the middle board features images of the ‘biggest things you can imagine‘, including such crazy items as the world’s largest carrot, giant catfish and the world’s biggest pair of underwear.

To top things off, Peugeot Panama have created 4 boards that act as puzzles with 8 missing pieces. The idea is that you create a board of your own, then find the missing pieces on the Peugeot Panama web site and Facebook page, and pin them to your board in order to solve the puzzle. I took a look around the sites and can’t find where those images are located, so if you find any of them please give me a hint.

Via Creativity-Online & Ricardo Queiroz


  1. Me like this v much 

  2. I guess they messed up their Pinterest page in the meantime cuz it doesn’t look as organized anymore as in your screenshot …

  3. Seems like the board was since removed 🙁

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