The Guardian Exposes the Three Little Pigs in Open Journalism Promo

The Guardian - Open Journalism: Three Little PigsMy first exposure to the Three Little Pigs story was the Disney-ized version that was first released in 1933. In that version the wolf escapes at the end with nothing more than a scalded butt. For some reason I had never realized that in the original version has the Big bad Wolf being boiled alive after sneaking down the chimney.of the third little pig.

UK news organization The Guardian has re-imagined how the events of The Three Little Pigs fairy tale might be reported in 2012 using the concept of open journalism. From the gripping newspaper and website headline ‘Big Bad Wold Boiled Alive’, to the conversations and reactions being shared on social media sites.

The Guardian take the story beyond the ‘they lived happily ever after’ fairy tale ending into a story of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud due to the struggles of the pigs to make their mortgage payments. Then the people take to the streets…

You can read more about open journalism from The Guardian’s Editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger.

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