Air New Zealand gets ‘Fit to Fly’ with Richard Simmons

While I’m not sure whether this video will have people dancing in the aisles or dashing to the emergency exist of Air New Zealand flights, it certainly has captured the imagination of viewers on the web with 40,000 views in its first day. Fitness guru Richard Simmons leads a planeload of spandex-clad dancers through an energetic disco performance of passenger instructions. I’m sure folks flying on flights down under will sit up and notice.

This is not the first time that Air New Zealand has created unique passenger instruction videos. Back in 2009 they used real crew members wearing nothing but bodypaint in the ‘cheeky’ Nothing to Hide campaign.

As well, Air New Zealand currently has another YouTube hit video, this one featuring their mascot Rico hooking up with Snoop Dogg to lay down the track ‘Hello Sunshine’ in his LA studio.

It’s awesome to see an Airline loosen up and not take themselves too seriously.

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