IKEA Hosts 5 Roommates at Apartment Built in Paris Subway

IKEA Paris Subway ApartmentNext time you’re down in the subway waiting for your train to come, consider how comfortable it would be to live there for a week. Well, that’s exactly what IKEA France is doing for five people in a Paris subway station starting on Monday.

Roommates Jeanne, Audrey, Anis, Lucie and Benjamin will be living in public all week in a specially built 54 square meter apartment constructed on the subway platform at Auber Station.The 5 will demonstrate how IKEA can optimize a small space and make it a comfortable living space for anyone. Each day the highlights of their adventures will be posted at YouTube.

Once they’ve left the apartment on Saturday, they’ll turn it over to a lucky IKEA France Facebook fan and their 12 friends for a great end-of-the-week party

The campaign was created by Paris creative agency Ubi Bene.

via PSFK

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