Dramatic Body Art Highlights ‘My Body My Rules’ Campaign From Amnesty International

Amnesty International - My Body, My Rules

‘My Body My Rights’, a new global campaign from Amnesty International looks to shine a light on issues impacting the freedom around sexual and reproductive rights of people around the world. These include the right to determine your own sexual orientation and gender identity, and the right to access a comprehensive range of health services, among others.

The campaign features the dramatic work Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho, a second-year student of Visual Communication and Design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

The campaign was created by London agency Taylor Herring.

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New York-Presbyterian Hospital Creates Playlist of ‘Songs to Save Lives To’

New York Presbyterian - Songs to Save Lives To

New York agency Seiden has launched ‘Songs to Save a Life to‘, a new CPR awareness campaign for New York Presbyterian Hospital.

89 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest die because they don’t receive CPR from someone at the scene, and the initiative looks to help people learn how to perform hands-only CPR to help save more of those lives.

Hands-only CPR requires a pace of 100 chest compressions per minute, and the agency has created a Spotify playlist of popular songs to help you keep time. The list features 40 songs including ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’. Although the inclusion of ‘Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)’ and ‘Another Ones Bites the Dust’ show me that someone has a sense of humour.

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Canadian LGBT PSA Seeks to Keep the Winters Olympics ‘A Little Gay’

Canadian Institute of Diversity - Luge

With the official opening of the the Sochi Winter Olympics imminent, discussion around Russia’s controversial laws against gay “propaganda” is still a hot topic. The Canadian Institute of Diversity, is addressing the issue with a new PSA.

Set to the synth sounds of Human League’s new wave classic ‘Don’t You Want Me’, the ad shows a two-man luge team preparing for run by… ahem, thrusting to build-up momentum.

The ad copy reads “The Games have always been a little gay. Let’s fight to keep them that way”.

The ad was created by Rethink, and will be seeded through PR and social channels.

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Interval House Promotes Domestic Violence Awareness with ‘Every Second Counts’

Interval House - Buy This Second

Nice work here from Toronto agency Union for Interval House, a centre for abused women and children now in it’s 40th year.

Every Second Matters‘ highlights the shocking statistic that every second a woman in Canada becomes a victim of domestic violence. To bring this statistic to life at a more personal level, the web site visitor is prompted to connect the experience to their Facebook profile.

As the site loads images from the Facebook profiles of your female friends, the copy reads “Who has to be affected to make you care?”

The site is hoping to raise funds to continue their work by having visitors buy up one (and hopefully more) of the 86,400 seconds that make up each day.

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Reykjavík Agency Uses Highway On-Ramp to Create World’s Largest Pink Ribbon

Reykjavik Highway Pink Ribbon_sm

Drivers heading downtown to Reykjavik were in for a surprise as they entered the looping the on-ramp for the Miklabraut (the highway that connects the suburbs to the city centre). The bland grayness of the asphalt had been transformed to a vibrant bright pink overnight.

What they may not have known at the time was that when viewed from high above, the on-ramp had become as the world’s largest pink ribbon. (I’ll call it that until I hear different)

It was part of the campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer, created the ad agency Brandenburg.

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Surrender Control of Your Tweets to Raise Awareness of Tourrette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada - Surrender Your Say

Today, (June 19) people who follow my Twitter account may see some unusual tweets. I’ve volunteered control of my Twitter account for the next 24 hours as part of “Surrender Your Say“, a campaign to help raise awareness of Tourette syndrome. I’ll have no control over what is being posted or the frequency that I post, to mimic the sudden involuntary vocal or physical actions associated with the condition.

“The biggest obstacle for people dealing with Tourette Syndrome is the attitude that people have when they see someone with physical and vocal tics. Without knowledge of the disorder, people are quick to judge. Surrender Your Say will help more people become familiar with the disorder and will help achieve the TSFC goal that all people who have Tourette Syndrome will lead quality lives as accepted and valued members of an informed, tolerant society.”
– Cathy Wylie, TSFC President

The initiative created by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, and has attracted over 1800 participants last time I checked.

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Worms Eat Away at Poster to Highlight Anti-Drug Message

Crack Consumes - Beetle Larvae

A campaign running at the Galleria do Rock (Gallery of Rock), a rock-themed mall in São Paulo, highlights the dangers of crack cocaine by showing the faces of people living with addictions literally being eaten away from the inside.

The posters printed on dough, contained hundreds of hungry beetle larvae that happily ate away at the poster, reinforcing the message “O Crack Consome” (Crack Consumes).

The campaign was created by São Paulo agency Talent.

Crack Consumes from Malabar Filmes on Vimeo.

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American Red Cross Promote Online Course With “Misadventures in Babysitting” Clip

American Red Cross - Babysitting

The American Red Cross’ Babysitting Basics online course costs just $25 and takes around 4 hours to complete, and it’s designed to help young people to become more responsible babysitters. The teens featured in this clip obviously never came anywhere near the course the course, and their logic is enough to give worried parents something to “really” worry about.

From nail gun etiquette, to fire safety, to how to be a food scientist (imagine that, peanut butter does come from from peanuts), the clip covers just a few of parent’s worst nightmares when dealing with inexperienced babysitters.

The ad was created by BBDO Atlanta, directed by Erich Joiner for Tool of North America.

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New Ad From Ontario Ministry of Health Compares Social Smoking to Social Farting

Ontario Ministry of Health - Social Farting

A new series of TV ads from the Ontario Ministry Health’sQuit the Denial‘ campaign is out to convince people who refer to themselves as ‘social smokers’, are really just plain old smokers after all.

One of the ads titled ‘social farter’, features a young woman who explains to an interviewer, “Well, it’s true that I fart, but I wouldn’t call myself a farter. I’m a social farter.” Toward the end of the ad, the on-screen copy reads, “Social smoking is as ridiculous and social farting.”

The ads were created by BBDO Toronto, and directed by The Perlorian Brothers for Soft Citizen.

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