Speedo Wants to Know About Your Most Unforgettable Swim

Speedo Unforgettable Swims
I think everyone must have that one unforgettable swimming experience. It could be that awesome ocean swim, diving head first into the crashing waves as you against the force of the water move over you. Or, it may have been that first successful dog paddle when you realized that you weren’t actually going to sink to the bottom of the pool.

This month Speedo has launched a campaign to remind everyone of our special swimming experiences with ‘Unforgettable Swins’. The site allows users to browse the stories of others or contribute their own. The site is available in English, French and German and features its own dedicated Facebook page.

Although I’d question the value of creating a campaign specific Facebook page, but it may make sense based on the various country-specific pages. Speedo swimsuits are integrated well amongst the stories and link directly to their online store.

The stories include;

  • Victoria, an Australian now living in London recalling her family’s traditional Christmas day at the beach. She’s now found a new Christmas tradition, swimming at London Fields, a large heated outdoor pool, on Christmas Eve.
  • Jane, a New Yorker who had dedicated her life to teaching others to swim, including disadvantaged children from throughout the boroughs.

I really like the site, it has a clean design without being too slick. The mosaic of images and story titles are inviting and the featured products are tied in nicely. I like how the site is focussed on the experience and freedom of swimming and away from a hard product sell.

The campaign was created by Iris London.

Who’s Winning? NHL Teams: Social Media, Attendance & Performance

With the 2010-11 Stanley Cup playoffs now in full swing, I was curious to see which NHL teams ranked highest for Facebook Likes and Twitter follows. OK before you start, I realize there are a lot more factors to consider in ranking an organization’s social media efforts than just the numbers. They all likely have sophisticated social media strategies that tie back to important business objectives, putting butts in the seats and selling merchandise – while icing an exciting team that is capable of going deep into the playoffs to provide even more revenue.

After I had collected the numbers from the team’s official Facebook and Twitter profiles it became obvious (but not surprising) that organizations with history and solid efforts such over the past few seasons ranked over the teams that have struggled. I decided it would be worthwhile to add in rankings for average game attendance (butts in seats) and their position in the overall standings at the end of the year.

The NHL puts a lot of effort into how teams manage their internet sites, the most obvious being the common template shared by all teams. The template is being stretched to its limits by the individual teams as links to social media can appear in a number of ways, from a local in the header, a link in the footer, a widget within the page of a link that can appear in any number of places within the sub navigation.

Onto the Numbers

The teams with the most followers on Twitter are Montreal (126,938), Vancouver (90,409) and Pittsburgh (81,981) while the teams with the most followers on Facebook are last years champions, Chicago (712,308), Montreal (653,510) and Boston (593,575). Teams with a long rich history such as the Original Six (Canadians, Hawks, Wings, Bruins, Leafs, & Rangers) all ranked within the top 11.

As expected teams like Toronto and Calgary with loyal fan bases had solid scores with social media and attendance but were pulled down by their poor performance this year.


I added each team’s ranking for Facebook, Twitter, average game attendance and points together and then sorted them by the best scores. This ranking was created for my own entertainment (yes, I found this entertaining), let me know if you find anything interesting in the results.

NHL Rankings - Twitter, Facebook, Attendance, Standings
Attendance figures from ESPN
End of season rankings from NHL.com

Watch Hockey and Support Kid’s Sports Without Leaving the Couch

Canadian Tire JumpStartThe 2011 NHL Playoffs are set to begin on Wednesday, and despite a late-season surge our hometown Leafs are again – for the sixth straight year – getting an early start on their golfing season. By now Toronto hockey fans are used to following teams other than their own on the quest for Lord Stanley’s trophy, but just because the boys in blue didn’t make it, that’s no excuse to watch less hockey.

This year hockey fans can help raise money for Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program by simply watching more hockey in the Playoff Payoff campaign. So, don’t worry about backing away from those pub nachos or risking a pulling a hamstring pull getting off the couch.

Hockey fans can get started by signing up on the JumpStart Facebook page. Next set your fundraising target and the number of playoff games you plan to watch, then invite your friends and family to support you on your noble playoff quest.

I’ve already set up my personal page, and I’ve set a modest target of watching 36 games. However, if this year is like any other I may watch that many before the end of the first round.

The person who raised the most money for JumpStart by May 13 will receive tickets and a travel voucher for a Stanley Cup final game of their choice.

My early prediction for the Stanley Cup finals is Philadelphia vs Vancouver, with the Canucks taking their first cup in 6 games.

Social Media & the NHL Trading Deadline

NHL_trade_deadlineToday is one of those days that Canadian Hockey Fans circle on the calendar. It’s NHL Trade Deadline day and hockey fans are tuned in everywhere, by television, radio and especially by the internet and mobile.

For those who don’t know, the NHL trading deadline is when teams try to improve their roster for the upcoming playoffs, or a chance to unload those expensive players before they become free agents at the end of the year.

Reporters would spend their day working their contacts by phone and email looking for that one big trade scoop. These days however, it’s not uncommon to hear that a trade was confirmed by the player through his Twitter account. Or a fake trade announced through a player’s fake Twitter account.

Here’s a quick look at how the NHL Trade Deadline day was impressively handled through three prominent media outlets today.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Leafspace Live
The team that did the least happened had one of the best setups of all the outlets, including:

  • A live feed of LeafsTV
  • Live Boardroom feed where we saw little if anything happen
  • CoverItLive chat featuring user posts, video clips, images and polls.
  • Three columns of Twitter streams with contributions by the Hockey media, official feeds from other NHL teams and tweets featuring the #mapleleafs hashtag in the third.
  • Mentions from Facebook were also being displayed

CBC Sports Trade Deadline

  • Live feed from CBC Sports
  • Twitter integration
  • Clips from Hockey Night Radio on Sirius
  • CoverItLive chat stream featuring polls, video clips and images
  • A poll where users could evaluate each trade

TSN TradeCentre
TSN went so far to brand their presence as TradeCentre on a splash page on their site, including:

  • TradeCentre Live video feed
  • iPad and iPhone apps with special TradeCentre functionality
  • Live Blog
  • TSN Tweetbox
  • Facebook Live Chat
  • Trade Tracker

The Score featured a basic Trade Tracker with links to PuckDaddy radio and Facebook discussion.

Newspapers Toronto Star, National Post and Globe & Mail featured trade trackers as well frequently updated news and live blogs.

It’s always interesting to watch what used to be considered fringe tools now taking their place in  news gathering and reporting.