Updated Version of Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’ Rallys Team Australian

Testra Down Under Olympics Ad

The 410 athletes that make up the 2012 Australian Olympics team were sent off to the rallying cry of Men at Work’s 1982 worldwide hit ‘Down Under’. The song is featured in a new ad for Australian mobile provider Telstra, has been become synonymous with Australia. I also introduced the rest of the world to the concept of a ‘Vegemite sandwich’.

The ad features Men at Work vocalist Colin Hay leading a choir, athletes, bar patrons and a stadium full or pumped up Aussies in an updated version of the classic. It was shot in seven different locations in London and took eight weeks to coordinate and shoot.

The updated version ‘Down Under 2012’ is available for download in iTunes.

The ad was created by DDB Sydney.


Beckham Surprises Fans at #TaketheStage Photobooth

Adidas David Beckham Photobooth

David Beckham is a very busy man these days.

Despite being left off the the roster of the British Olympic football squad, and the London Olympics opening a day or two away, Beckham boarded a plane and flew to Philadelphia where he was one of the best players on the field for the MLS All Stars as they defeated Chelsea 3-2.

Beckham still found time to surprise fans at an adidas #takethestage photobooth at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, located near the Olympic park where fans had been invited to support the Great Britain team. It’s awesome to see the variety of reactions to Beckham as he pokes his head around the corner.


Belgian Football Fans Undress Billboards to Earn Free Tickets

Sporting Telenet Football Billboards

The Belgian Jupiler Pro Football League is set to open their season this Saturday. To drum up interest for the coming season, cable company Telenet created a giant version of the jersey for each of 16 teams, then placed them over billboards near each of the home stadiums.

The first fan who dared to steal the shirt not only got to keep the giant team jersey, but they earned 5 free football tickets for their trouble. My kudos to the one legged guy who deftly used his cane to earn his prize. Watch the video to see the ingenuity of these jersey thieves.

The campaign comes from TBWA, Brussels.

via Creative Criminals


AFC Ajax Fans Get Fitting Room Surprise Party

AFC Ajax Fitting Room Surprise Party

AFC Ajax is one of the most longest-running and successful football teams in The Netherlands. To give their fans an extra surprise at the launch of their new home jersey, a series of fake fitting rooms were installed inside the Ajax Experience store in Amsterdam. Once the fan had pulled on the jersey, the wall-length mirror was pulled away to reveal a private party including Ajax players Vurnon Anita, Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, Daley Blind, Jasper Cillessen, team captain Siem de Jong and women’s team players Leonne Stentler and Babiche Roof.

As seen in the video, the fans reacted with a wide range of mixed reactions from absolute terror to delight.

The experience was created by Iris Amsterdam.


McDonald’s Euro 2012 Passion-Meter – An Italian Brother Carries a Secret

McDonald's Passion-Meter Euro 2012

For the past month 16 teams have battled to make it today’s final of Euro 2012, and after all those games it’s come down to Italy versus 2008 champions Spain.

Throughout the tournament, McDonald’s Passion-Meter site has been capturing the screams, shouts and cheers of support from fans around the world. The Irish team made have no wins to show for their effort this year, but they lead the passion-meter over all the other countries.

To commemorate the final, McDonald’s has created a touching story of Guido and Bellino, two Italian brothers traveling from their small town to Kiev for the big game. But Bellino carries a secret.

The McDonald’s Passion-Meter was created by DDB Paris.


Madison Square Garden Invites Instagram Photographers to Document Rangers’ Playoff Game

@nyrangers on Instagram

@nyrangers Locker Room on Instagram

With the Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers set to battle it out on the ice at Madison Square Garden tonight, 6 influential Instragram photographers will be documenting the event, before, during and after the game.

The photographers, hosted by Madison Square Garden and Delta will have special access to areas of the arena that not even national press have access to, and have been tasked to document the game in as a creative way as possible. The photos will appear on Instagram and Twitter via the hashtag #NYRDelta, in the Rangers Facebook photo album and on the Rangers’ official fan site blueshirtsunited.com.

Mauricio Parise, Delta’s U.S. manager of brand marketing communications explained on Mashable that the promotion is an example of how social media has changed traditional notions of sponsorship.

“Just having the sponsorship is not enough — we need to make sure we bring it to life, and social channels are allowing us to do that in ways we haven’t been able to in the past,” he says.

The 6 NYC-area photographers with a combined 743,000 plus followers are:

The Instagram app can be downloaded free on iTunes App Store of in Google Play.

Nike’s Inspires Running Karaoke With ‘I Would Run To You’ Clip

Nike 'I Will Run to You'Who couldn’t love a song with lyrics like “Love is a speeding comet. I’m in a pool of my own vomit”?

Nike’s new promo clip for their Free Run+ shoes features a couple who live on opposite sides of the country decide to run to meet each other while singing the appropriately titled song, ‘I Will Run To You’.

The woman in the video fares a whole lot better than the guy, who only makes it a little over a mile before collapsing at the Washington Square Arch (yes, I used Google Maps to measure the distance from 78A Forsyth Street to the arch).

The ad is inspired by the thought that if you are a strong enough runner, you can sing while you run. With that in mind Nike will be releasing a special ‘Karaoke Mix’ next week that includes the song in the video.

The spot was created by Nike’s agency W+K Portland, and directed by Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge.

The song can be download at http://go.nike.com/01loo08s

Columbia Sportwear Presents the Angry Cat Challenge

Columbia Sportswear - Angry Cat ChallengeColumbia’s latest marketing campaign, ‘Great Moments in Trying Stuff’ features several videos showing some, well… unique tests of the sportswear-maker’s products.

The series includes the clip ‘Five-Bean Salad‘, showing the Columbia test team using their drainable shoe to strain the beans.

Another, titled ‘Sweaty Buns‘ features a gut-wrenching taste test featuring two hot dog buns that have been ‘marinating’ inside the jackets of two mountain bikers. One biker wearing a Columbia breathable jacket; the other wearing a jacket that holds all of that delicious sweat inside.

My favorite of the series, ‘Angry Cat‘ (embedded above) features a cranky water-hating cat (is there any other kind) wearing a tiny water-resistant jacket, that supposedly keeps him happy and dry.

Original Six NHL Teams Score Solid Numbers With Twitter & Facebook

When I started looking at the social media efforts of NHL teams last year, I wondered whether the Original Six teams would had an advantage in attracting fans to their Facebook and Twitter efforts. Would their long histories, established organizations and multi-generational fan bases transfer over to success on social media.

For those who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, the Original Six NHL teams; Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers and Boston Bruins; made up the NHL for 25 seasons from 1942 to 1967 when the league expanded to 12 teams.

Original Six vs New Teams

On Facebook the gap is huge with Original Six teams averaging 895,000 page likes per team from a high of the Detroit Red Wings 1,207,807 to a low of 477,081 by the New York Rangers. The remaining 24 teams averaged only 273,156 page likes.

On the Twitter side the gap was a bit smaller, but still the Original Six teams have more than double the amount of followers at 156,768 than the other 24 teams’ average of 72,644 followers.

What does it mean?
What I believe the numbers say is simply that long established franchises have built up solid fan bases over their history, and that that fan base is solidly reflected even in social media.

Follower, Page Likes numbers are current to February 26, 2012.

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Gains 100,000 New Twitter Followers During Daytona 500 Delay

Brad Keselowski TwitterThe 2012 Daytona 500 may have been delayed a day and a half by rain pushing the race to start on Monday night, but no one could have predicted what would happen late in the race. Somehow Target driver Juan Pablo Montoya suffered a mechanical failure during a yellow flag and crashed into one of the jet dryer trucks that were on track clearing away some of the rubber debris. Thankfully both Montoya and the driver of the truck were not seriously injured, but the ensuing fire caused burning jet fuel to flow across a critical section of the track resulted in an extended red flag.

What followed will surely go down as another key event in the mainstreaming of Twitter. For some reason Brad Keselowski, driver of the Miller Light Dodge was carrying his iPhone with him during the race. As the race was red flagged he took this picture of the scene out of his windshield with the message “Fire! My view”.

While track repairs went on, Keselowski continued to tweet, responding to fans and taking more pictures of other drivers, reporters and NASCAR officials. By the time the checkered flag fell for the ultimate winner Matt Kenseth, Brad who had been sidelined in a crash but was sitting just short of 200,000 Twitter followers.

Keselowski is one of the most social media savvy drivers in NASCAR, and recently featured the names of 5,000 of his Twitter followers on the bed cover of his Dodge truck during Friday night’s Camping World Truck Series race.