Turkish Airlines Uses QR Flags for London Scavenger Hunt

Turkish Airlines QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Just wrapping up today in London is a campaign from Turkish Airlines that leverages QR codes in a citywide scavenger hunt. Digital billboards on transit shelters display QR codes based on the national flags of countries competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Once the user has scanned a QR code they are redirected to a mobile site where the user can ‘checkin’ to that country.

Other features of the mobile site are; ‘Locations’ which show other QR Flags are in the area around you, ‘Stats’ show you the total number of QR codes you’ve collected, and ‘Offers’ displaying flight specials from London to that destination.

The person who ends up with the most ‘check-ins’ at the end of the contest will win two return ticket to one of Turkish Airlines 200 destinations. The campaign is a great example of how a mobile site can still offer an experience that’s equal to

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Belgian Football Fans Undress Billboards to Earn Free Tickets

Sporting Telenet Football Billboards

The Belgian Jupiler Pro Football League is set to open their season this Saturday. To drum up interest for the coming season, cable company Telenet created a giant version of the jersey for each of 16 teams, then placed them over billboards near each of the home stadiums.

The first fan who dared to steal the shirt not only got to keep the giant team jersey, but they earned 5 free football tickets for their trouble. My kudos to the one legged guy who deftly used his cane to earn his prize. Watch the video to see the ingenuity of these jersey thieves.

The campaign comes from TBWA, Brussels.

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Amazing 3D Street Art Promotes European Release of The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises - 3D Street Art, MadridStreet artists 3D Joe and Max (Joe Hill and Max Lowrey) have traveled the world creating mind-bending optical illusions for brands such as Disney, Sprite, and Google. They are best-known for creating distorted street art using a technique that when viewed from the correct angle create an optical illusion of extreme depth.

Last November, the duo braved the elements to claim Guinness Records for both the largest (3807 square feet) and longest (350 feet) piece of 3D artwork in a project promoting Reebok Crossfit.

Their latest mind blowing project was created on the streets of Madrid, Spain to mark the European release of the latest Batman movie,’The Dark Knight Rises‘. In the piece the street appears to be crumbling into a fiery lava pit shaped like the Batman logo.


Buggy Ad Campaign Uses Building Cracks as Cockroach Dioramas

Doom Fogger - Roachville

Johannesburg, South Africa agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris had been tasked with coming up with an out-of-home campaign illustrating how the DOOM Fogger gets into every nook and cranny to kill bugs.

As an alternative to more traditional outdoor media, the agency took the challenge literally and created advertising spaces out of the cracks and holes in the walls of buildings. They created Roachville; cockroach dioramas showing the insects posed in living room, bedroom and cafe scenes. Large colourful highlights pointed toward the tiny scenes with the headline “Gets to Where They Live”.

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South Africa

Australian Bank Rewards Honest Shoppers with an Instant Thank You Campaign

NAB Honesty Shouldn't Go Unrewarded

To promote their new ‘Honesty’ credit card the National Australian Bank rewarded shoppers for turning in lost items.

While the unsuspecting shoppers waited at the specially constructed lost and found counter. their name and picture was taken and distributed to other teams located in the mall. As the shoppers continued on their way they began to notice their face displayed on digital signage throughout the mall. I love the final scene where ‘Han’ sees his name spelled wrong.

The stunt was created by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.


In Case of Wine Emergency Break Glass

Wine Country Ontario Bus Shelter

Here in Toronto we are surrounded by Wine Country. A short drive in any direction will bring wine lovers to the doorsteps of world-class wineries, and the tagline of Wine Country Ontario’s new campaign ‘So close you can taste it’ reinforces this fortunate proximity.

However, one place you might not expect to stumble upon a glass of Ontario wine is mounted behind plexiglas in a transit shelter, but that’s exactly what Torontonians will be seeing over the next few weeks.

It’s part of the The Wine Country Ontario ‘Drink it All In’ scavenger hunt. To win, entrants must tweet a photo of the bus shelter before July 6 with the #SoCloseYouCanTasteIt hashtag (wow, long hashtag) and mention @WineCountryOnt in the post. To figure out where in downtown Toronto the bus shelter is, follow the clues shared on the @WineCountryOnt Twitter account. On July 10, a winner will be randomly selected from all the eligible photo submissions.

The lucky winner collects a sweet prize package that includes:
– One night accommodation for two at Huff Estates Winery in Prince Edward County
– Vineyard lunch for two at Norman Hardie Winery
– Wine and cheese pairings for two at Rosehall Run Winery
– Flight of three wines for two people at Sandbanks Estate Winery
– Dinner for two at Blumen Garden Bistro

Details on the scavenger hunt contest can be found on the Wine Country Ontario Facebook page.

The ‘Drink it all in’ campaign was created by Toronto’s Agency59.


Your Rock & Roll Dream Is Just a Pee Away with the Urinal Guitar

Billboard Brazil Guitar Pee

It seems that lately men’s washrooms around the world are becoming gaming destinations. All it takes to play is a full bladder and a little bit of aim. In just the past few months I’ve posted examples such from the Amsterdam, Vancouver and São Paulo, Brazil.

In fact, the city of São Paulo is where the latest example of this trend has been rolled out. Guitar Pee (I would have called it ‘Urinal Hero’) is a promotion for the Brazilian edition of Billboard Magazine, the long-running industry publication of the music and entertainment industry.

The stunt is part of Billboard’s ‘Music. We Know it Comes from Everywhere’ campaign, and in this case the music is coming from a urinal that has been fitted-out with sensors that play a variety of guitar sounds when they are, well… peed on.

When a participant has completed their solo, a code appears on the digital display that corresponds to an MPee3 file (yes, they went there) posted at guitarpee.com. To listen to the recorded solos use your mobile phone or tablet.

The ‘Guitar Pee’ campaign was created by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo.

Via DeathandTaxesMag.com


EVOC Promotes Protective Backpack with Indestructible Billboard

Evoc Indestructible BillboardGermany’s Evoc is a manufacturer of premium backpacks and protective equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their backpacks feature an integrated back protector that can absorb nearly 80% of the impact to the wearer’s back. The protective technology could prevent countless spinal injuries.

To create awareness and demonstrate the strength of Evoc’s integrated back protector they created a unique interactive billboard. Passerby were invited to punch, kick, head-butt an Evoc backpack that had been attached to the billboard. Sensors measured the energy of each impact as well as how much energy was absorbed by the back protector. The results were updated to the Evoc Facebook page in real time and then shown ranked on a leaderboard. An image of each participant was captured at impact which they then could tag and share with their social networks.

The Indestructible Billboard was created by Publicis Munich.


Beneful Launches Virtual Dog Parks for Stressed-out Commuters

Beneful Virtual Dog ParkLast week, dog food brand, Beneful surprised NYC commuters with a virtual dog park inside the Columbus Circle subway station. The 64 foot long interactive wall features a group of playful dogs of several sizes and breeds.

Motion-tracking cameras would watch as people walked by, triggering the dogs to start following them. The dogs then paw at the screen and bark to encourage the people to stand on one of the floor stickers, where gesture-tracking enabled them to play fetch with the virtual tennis balls on the interactive wall. After playing, commuters can choose to customize the dog of their choice and save a photo to their mobile phone to share on their social networks.

Street teams promoted the interactive wall by handing out tennis balls and flying discs to commuters. Beneful will also be launching interactive walls in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis this May.

In a press release Beneful brand manager said, “At Beneful, we believe the power of PLAY enhances everyday experiences and enriches the time dogs and owners spend together. And, most city dwellers
would agree that their daily commute is definitely a time in need of some fun, carefree play. “We believe that using innovative, interactive billboards will encourage people to unleash their inner child and have some fun in unexpected places, with the help of our team of virtual dogs!”

The Beneful virtual dog park was created by InWindow Outdoor.


Vancouver Aquarium Promote Babies Exhibit with Pregnancy Tests for Men

Vancouver Aquarium BabiesThe men watching the hockey game back on March 6 at Vancouver’s Speakeasy Bar & Grill were in for two surprises. The first was watching their beloved Canucks lose 5-2 to the Dallas Stars, and the second was finding a pregnancy test mounted inside the urinals.

The pregnancy test sticks were treated with a heat-sensitive material and once ‘peed on’ displayed a positive sign indicating that the man was pregnant. A poster mounted above the urinal showed a pregnant male seahorse and copy that read, “In an aquatic land not so far away, mommies aren’t the only ones who get pregnant.”

The campaign was launched to promote the ‘Babies’, the Vancouver Aquarium’s spring exhibit that runs until May 6. Visitors to the aquarium learned about unusual ways that different animal species breed and care for their offspring.

A print campaign with the tagline “Baby stories unlike any other” featured mockups of children’s books titled ‘Goodbye Tail, Hello Legs‘ about tadpoles turning into frogs, and a slightly disturbing “I Love All My Eggs the Same (Including the ones I eat)“. QR codes on the posters link to YouTube videos where a narrator reads each of the short stories.

The ‘Baby stories unlike any other’ campaign was created by Taxi Vancouver.