Belgian Football Fans Undress Billboards to Earn Free Tickets

Sporting Telenet Football Billboards

The Belgian Jupiler Pro Football League is set to open their season this Saturday. To drum up interest for the coming season, cable company Telenet created a giant version of the jersey for each of 16 teams, then placed them over billboards near each of the home stadiums.

The first fan who dared to steal the shirt not only got to keep the giant team jersey, but they earned 5 free football tickets for their trouble. My kudos to the one legged guy who deftly used his cane to earn his prize. Watch the video to see the ingenuity of these jersey thieves.

The campaign comes from TBWA, Brussels.

via Creative Criminals


TNT Promotes ‘Perception’ With Electromagnetic Dot Display Window

TNT Perception - Electromagnetic Dot Display

Electromagnetic dot displays (aka flip-disc display, flip-dot displays) may be best known for being used on the arrival/departure boards at bus stations, airports and scoreboards. A sign can be made up of hundreds (or thousands) of individual two-sided magnetized discs. One side of the disc is usually black and the other side is a bright colour such as white or fluorescent green. When a current is sent through the closely coupled electromagnetic coil the disc will flip to one side, it remains in that position the current is reversed through the coil flipping the disc to the opposite side.

Brooklyn-based digital shop Breakfast leveraged electromagnetic dot display to create an interactive display to promote the new TNT drama ‘Perception’ starring Eric McCormack. McCormack’s character, Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuro-scientist who assists the FBI in cases that include anagrams (are there a lot of those?).

Breakfast used the idea of anagram-solving and filled the sign with what appear to be hundreds of random words. The sign made up of 40,000 individual discs was programmed to spin from black to white 15 times faster than they were designed. As people walked past the sign the words would fall away revealing a hidden phrase.

The window display will in place at 32nd St. and 6th Ave., New York until July 29th.


Project Runway Promotes Season 10 Premiere With Interactive Wall

Project Runway #MakeItWork Interactive Wall

Project Runway returns tonight for Season 10 but virtual versions of Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garciathe have been hard at work for the past week judging the fashion sense of New Yorkers passing by the 20 foot long interactive wall located on Manhattan’s High Line park.

The judges were recorded against a green screen providing reactions from bored, to head nodding to a standing ovation. The video clips were then cleverly programmed to seamlessly transform from appearing to gossipwith the person neck to them to standing and clapping and then back to their seating position again from .

The reactions are triggered by remote control by an offsite operator depending on the fashion sense of the person walking by.

The installation was created by Nexus Interactive Arts.


Amazing 3D Street Art Promotes European Release of The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises - 3D Street Art, MadridStreet artists 3D Joe and Max (Joe Hill and Max Lowrey) have traveled the world creating mind-bending optical illusions for brands such as Disney, Sprite, and Google. They are best-known for creating distorted street art using a technique that when viewed from the correct angle create an optical illusion of extreme depth.

Last November, the duo braved the elements to claim Guinness Records for both the largest (3807 square feet) and longest (350 feet) piece of 3D artwork in a project promoting Reebok Crossfit.

Their latest mind blowing project was created on the streets of Madrid, Spain to mark the European release of the latest Batman movie,’The Dark Knight Rises‘. In the piece the street appears to be crumbling into a fiery lava pit shaped like the Batman logo.


Lexus GS Hybrid Test Ride Sets Passengers Hearts Racing

Lexus Hybrid 120 BPM

The typical way that car companies have promoted their Hybrid cars is to stress their eco-friendliness.

Recently Lexus Italy challenged that way of thinking by inviting a group of potential customers out for a ride-a-long with a race car driver. The customers were even wired-up with heart monitors to see if they could keep their heart rate under 120 bpm while getting the ride of the lives. They couldn’t.

After viewing the video and seeing heart rates approaching and passing 190 bpm, I realized I had no idea how to calculate by maximum heart rate.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health the method to calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220 for men and 226 for women. For exercise multiply your MHR by 0.55 to get the lower exercise range and by 0.7 for the high range.

The experience was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Milan.


AFC Ajax Fans Get Fitting Room Surprise Party

AFC Ajax Fitting Room Surprise Party

AFC Ajax is one of the most longest-running and successful football teams in The Netherlands. To give their fans an extra surprise at the launch of their new home jersey, a series of fake fitting rooms were installed inside the Ajax Experience store in Amsterdam. Once the fan had pulled on the jersey, the wall-length mirror was pulled away to reveal a private party including Ajax players Vurnon Anita, Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, Daley Blind, Jasper Cillessen, team captain Siem de Jong and women’s team players Leonne Stentler and Babiche Roof.

As seen in the video, the fans reacted with a wide range of mixed reactions from absolute terror to delight.

The experience was created by Iris Amsterdam.


AXA Challenges Young Belgian to Complete a Cashless Journey to Hawaii

Axa, Going to Like by Likes

Belgian bank AXA had just launched the Maxi prepaid MasterCard, a new credit card for designed young people. Users can’t exceed their credit limit and the card can be recharged from anywhere by parents. To demonstrate that the card is perfect for young people traveling abroad AXA created the ‘Going to Like By Likes’ challenge.

Cédric, a young man from Brussels was selected from over 200 candidates to complete. His mission was to travel from Brussels airport to Like Place in Hawaii as fast as he could, using just the Maxi prepaid card. The card started with a zero balance, and for every ‘Like’ Cédric received on the Going to Like Facebook page.

Cédric’s first challenge was to get 700 likes in 3 days in order to make it New York City. Once in the US he faced challenges beginning with trying to score a touchdown against the Harlem Gators, a team in the the Five Star Football League.

From there Cédric had to spend a night in the woods near where the Blair Witch Project was filmed, to the Big Texan Steak Ranch near Amarillo, home of the 72 oz steak challenge (he came up short and lost 72 credits on his card), to finding a bride for a quickie marriage in Las Vegas.

The campaign was put together by Duval Guillaume Modem.


‘Delite-o-matic’: How Far Would You Go For a Free Vending Machine Snack?

Fantastic Delites Vending Machine
How far would go for a free vending machine snack?

Would you push a big red button 20 times, 100 times or how about 1000 times? Would you bow down on your knees, do jumping jacks or dance around like the robot?

Ad agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide and production company Anifex combined their efforts to come up with an innovative way to promote rice snack brand ‘Fantastic Delites‘ by creating the Delite-o-Matic. A virtual version of the machine is hosted on the Fantastic Delites website. To enter the online version of the promotion, visitors are required to click the virtual Delite-O-Matic 100 times, then suggest new challenges for next appearance of the real-life machine. The more clicks that are accumulated the better the prizes get; from a Roomba for 10,000 clicks to a trip for 2 to a private island in Fiji. Contest is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

The real version of the machine made an appearance at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station where people proved how far they would go for a package of Fantastic Delites, including one woman who pressed the red button an incredible 5000 times.

Erik de Roos, account director at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide explained: “We started with the insight that once people try Fantastic Delites, they generally end up buying them. So we were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product.”

via Ad Pitch, Campaign Brief


Subaru Launches Sizzling Campaign for New BRZ in Montreal


Subaru Canada had heads turning on the streets of Montreal last month with an an ambient street-art installation featuring a 2013 Subaru BRZ surrounded by a burnt mailbox, singed bike rack, melted street lamp and a massive 32’ heat-blasted brick wall.

The installation was enhanced with singed posters featuring a QR code and embedded with NFC enabled tags provided by TAPmeTAGS Inc. The tags were directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

The Montreal ambient installation will be coming to major cities across Canada this summer.

The national campaign features also features a 60-second online film titled ‘Scorched’. The film was captured with Phantom camera technology capable of creating extreme slow-motion shots.

The campaign was created by Toronto’s Tribal DDB.


To enhance the installation DDB Public Relations engaged Canadian NFC tech firm, TAPmeTAGS Inc. to provide NFC enabled tags as part of a test-pilot program to encourage consumer interaction onsite. Singed wild postings surrounding the installation encouraged passersby to “tap or snap” using their NFC phones. This directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

Real-life Hot Wheels Cars Perform Double Loop at X-Games

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

I was lucky enough to be there for the launch of Mattel’s iconic Hot Wheels brand in 1968. The brand provided kids like me access to the hot rods and muscle cars that more traditional British toy car brands like Matchbox couldn’t offer.

Another important part of the Hot Wheels product was the orange track, which typically included a loop. The cars would fly down an incline, and with any luck would survive the loop and continue on down the track to their ultimate demise deep, deep under the chesterfield.

Flash forward to the 2012 X-Games. Team Hot Wheels drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy lined up to challenge the real-life 60 foot tall double loop.