Cardboard Suits and Tin Foil Underpants: Ikea Imagines a World Without Textiles

Ikea - Life Without Textiles

Ikea has released a new video where they imagine what a world without textiles might look like.

The cardboard suit does look a tad stiff and uncomfortable, but nothing compared to a close-call with cactus covered arm chair. The young mother’s dress consists of broken plates and cups and the baby’s clothes is made up of leaves. Seems the only soft and fuzzy thing in their lives is the rabbit, who I thought was about to be used as an impromptu towel after the shower scene.

Life doesn’t get much easier once the couple heads off to bed either. Their bed is made of hay with a log for a pillow, the man’s pajamas are made of grass and the wife’s is wearing flowers.

The music in the video is a rendition of the Bread classic ‘Everything I Own’ by Brooklyn band Maplewood.

The ad was created by McCann New York and directed by Olivier Babinet of Paranoid US.


Just in Time for a Pantless Father’s Day, It’s Dads in Briefs

Dads in Briefs

I count myself lucky that my dad didn’t stroll around the house in his underwear when things heated up in during the summers. I do, however remember being at friends houses and seeing things that well, still shake me to this day. I had no idea that briefs came in green, yellow and brown.

What I mean to say is “Thank you Dad”.

Those experiences have led me to carefully maintain the quality of my rotation of underpants, quickly removing the worn ones and bringing in fresh recruits. But enough about me and my underwear.

However, this campaign from Argentina featuring a number of ‘dads’ working and relaxing around the house is not trying to sell underwear. The campaign is, in fact, promoting BGH air conditioners, which hopefully will keep dads cool, calm and their dad stuff covered up with pants.

The ‘Dads in Briefs’ campaign was created by Buenos Ares agency Del Campo Nazca Saachi & Saatchi.


Samsung Turns Shoppers Into Superstars With Fake Paparazzi

Samsung - Would You Be a SuperstarWhen I saw this campaign I was reminded of ‘Idiot Paparazzi‘, one of the funniest features on ‘Talkshow with Spike Feresten’. In that skit a group of photographers ambushed normal folks who had a vague resemblance to Hollywood stars.

To help create buzz about the new Samsung NX 200 camera among the trend-conscious Korean youngsters, Samsung launched the ‘Would You Be a Superstar’ campaign. A group of photographers was hired (outfitted with the Samsung NX 200 of course) to act as paparazzi in Sinsa-dong, one of the hottest and fashionable areas of Seoul. After snapping off a series of photographs on the surprised shopper, they slapped a QR code sticker on them and ran off as quickly as they showed up.

When the user scanned the QR code they were directed to a mobile site, where they saw their photograph looking like a magazine cover. The photos were also uploaded to the Samsung Facebook page where an online poll was created to select the most popular photo.

The campaign was created by the Soeul offices of Cheil Worldwide.

via Best Media Info

South Korea

Converse Brings Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000 Together for ‘DoYaThing’

Converse - Gorillaz, Andre 3000, James Murphy collaborate on 'DoYaThing'Back in February Converse released a Gorillaz-inspired collection of the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. To celebrate the collection the sneaker-maker has brought together the Gorillaz with Andre 3000 and former LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy to record ‘DoYaThing’ a track as part of their ‘Three Artists, One Song’ music series.

The Jamie Hewlett directed video is the best example yet of combining the animated bandmembers with real-life environments. In it we see 2D stumbling through the dilapitated house encountering a mysterious X-faced Andre 3000 (sweat collectors?) and his green-skinned bandmate Murdoc.

The free track can be downloaded now at the Converse website, or if you’d like to hear the extended 13 minute version check it out on the 107.7 TheEnd website.

Hey Ladies, It’s Time to Play ‘Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself’

Environmental Defence - Look Pretty Without Killing YourselfEnvironmental Defence, the Canadian environmental action organization has launched a new campaign to create awareness and urge the Canadian government to ban the chemicals and toxins that are found in the personal care and beauty products of Canadian women (and no doubt men).

In the 60 second spot features Jackie, a working mom appearing as a contestant on the game show ‘Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself’. She’s asked to choose to choose the cosmetic product that doesn’t contain toxins and cancer-causing chemicals. However the game show is rigged as Canadian cosmetic regulations don’t force companies to disclose the toxic ingredients in many of their products.

Ouch, boo and eww…

More information is available at or you can take action now by signing the petition.

The campaign was created by Toronto creative agency Open and the spot was produced by Partner Films.

Is It Real or Is It Fotoshop by Adobé?

Fotoshop by AdobeThroughout the early 1990s I worked as a graphic designer at a Toronto studio. We had several accounts, but the two that kept me busiest were a popular makeup brand and a packaged meat company. You can draw your own obvious parallels between the two.

The main tasks involved making the models and meat look beautiful and delicious enough for you to open your wallet. The primary weapon in our arsenal was Adobe Photoshop, and we would use it to (as the video shows) make fuller lips, change eye color, make whiter teeth, remove blemishes or unsightly veins, change skin color or in extreme cased literally create a frankenimage form various photos in the session. If her elbow looked funny, we’d grab an arm from another photo and blend it in.

Northern California filmmaker Jesse Rosten was inspired to create the video after watching a beauty product infomercial. To his eye the before and after portraits of the model looked like they had been photoshopped.

It’s been nearly six years since Dove posted the infamous ‘Evolution‘ video, so the use of Photoshop in advertising shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Read more about my adventures with Photoshop retouching in Beauty is Pixel Deep on YummyMummyClub.

30 Most Viewed Stories at in 2011

Top 30 Posted Stories of 2011

The following list is an interesting collection of the the top 30 most viewed, searched for and shared stories on in 2011.

30 / The 12 Days of Christmas Underwear
Bonds Christmas ad features Rachel Taylor eating canned pears in lingerie as Aussie crooner Jack Ladder channels Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’. Read more…

29 / Volkswagen AR Experiences
VW Canada’s campaign for the 2012 Beetle features an awe-inspiring AR experience over Toronto’s Dundas Square. Read more…

28 / Jonathan’s Starbucks Card
Mobile consultant Jonathan Stark invites the world out for coffee in a short-lived and much-debated ‘social experiment’. Read more…

27 / Moosejaw X-Ray App Reveals All
Outdoor clothing retailer Moosejaw launches x-ray vision app that reveals what’s underneath the warm clothes of it’s catalog models. Read more…

26 / Spongebob’s Frozen Face-off Goes Social
Nickelodeon uses Twitter to promote Spongebob Squarepants special with a week of Twitter trash talk between characters. Read more…

25 / Infectious Billboard for Contagion
Warner Brothers Canada posts a living billboard of bacteria and fungi to promote the release of pandemic-themed movie Contagion.Read more…

24 / Tetley Canada’s Shopping Butlers
Tetley Canada brings joy and confusion to grocery shoppers by replacing shopping carts with personal shopping butlers. Read more…

23 / Biker-filled Movie Theatre
Carlsberg directs unsuspecting couples into a movie theatre full of burly growling bikers. Who goes, who sticks around for a surprise ending?
Read more…

22 / Reebok Street Art
Reebok promotes Crossfit program at London’s Canary Wharf with an amazing record-breaking work of 3D street art.
Read more…

21 / Ballatine’s Interactive Tattoo
As part of their Human API campaign, whisky-maker Ballatine’s creates the world’s first interactive tattoo streamed live from their Facebook page.
Read more…

20 / Jack Daniels Letterpress Posters
Knoxville-based printers Yee-Haw Industries create gorgeous hand-crafted posters for Jack Daniel’s campaign.
Read more…

19 / Nike’s Back to the Future Shoes
Nike shoe designers create 1500 real-life versions of the Back to the Future MAG shoes and auctions them on eBay to benefit Michael J Fox foundation.
Read more…

18 / Starbucks AR mobile app
Starbucks releases ‘Magic Cup’, an augmented reality app that brings the coffee shop’s holiday-themed cups to life with animation.
Read more…

17 / Boston Pizza’s Playoff Rebrand
Boston Pizza jumps on the Canuck playoff bandwagon by rebranding it’s BC stores as Vancouver Pizza for the Stanley Cup finals.
Read more…

16 / Ariel Fashion Shoot
Laundry detergent brand Ariel lets Facebook users shoot a remote-control gun filled with chocolate, jam or ketchup at designer clothes… and win them.
Read more…

15 / O.B. Says Really Really Really Sorry via Song
Johnson & Johnson tampon brand O.B. responds to miffed customers by creating personalized apology song.
Read more…

14 / Karen O sings for Chipotle Halloween promo
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O provides vocals for Halloween-ish short film promoting the Chipotle Boorito campaign in benefit of the American family farm.
Read more…

13 / Honda Pilot’s Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic 1980 hit ‘Crazy Train’ gets a unique a capella treatment in this fun Honda Pilot commercial.
Read more…

12 / You’re Never to Old to Sit on Santa
New York’s Improv Everywhere comedy troupe performs a holiday-themed surprise-musical for shoppers in a New Jersey mall.
Read more…

11 / Nissan Damned Ponies
A frustrated pickup driver opens the hood to find a group of prancing ponies that want nothing to do with getting dirty. Just when you think it’s over the leader turns into a demonic fire-breathing horse.
Read more…

10 / State Farm Giant Robots
The insurance provider brings the giant house-wrecking robot from their TV ad to your neighbourhood via an inventive Google Streetview mashup.
Read more…

9 / Red Hot Chili Peppers QR Code
A street poster campaign for the Peppers’ ‘I’m With You’ album features a QR code nicely integrated into the band’s logo.
Read more…

8 / Volkswagen Fans Vote on TV Ad
Volkswagen Canada’s Facebook Fans invited to choose scripts, car, cast and music for the latest TV commercial.
Read more…

7 / Spotify Launches in U.S.
After years of false starts, it was big news in July when European-based online music service Spotify finally launched in the U.S. (but still nothing for Canadian listeners)
Read more…

6 / Müller Wonderful Stuff Ad
German yogurt-brand threw everything on the screen, including unicorns, the Knight Rider car and Yogi Bear in this crazy TV commercial and campaign.

5 / Pan-Am Social Media
ABC launched an ambitious promotional campaign for Pan-Am using Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue to no avail as the series was shelved after just 9 episodes.
Read more…

4 / Mercedes Benz Blurs
Mercedes Benz Canada creates an attention grabbing street installation that makes their C-Class Coupe look fast even when parked on a Toronto street.
Read more…

3 / Canadian Tire Spirit Tree
Canadian Tire lights up Toronto’s Union Station with a 30 foot tall Christmas tree powered by the positive sentiment of social media.
Read more…

2 / Dermablend Covers-Up Zombie-Boy
Dermablend demonstrated the power of their skin coverage make-up by covering the tattoos of Montreal model Zombie-Boy.
Read more…

1 / TakeThisLollipop Creates Creepy Facebook Connection
A mysterious project provides Facebook users a creepy peek behind the screen.
Read more…

What were your favorite campaigns of 2011?

Mother London Partners With Psychic for T-Shirts That Predict 2012

Mother London Psychic T-ShirtsWhile most digital agencies are still working their head around their awkward holiday promos, Mother London is not wasting time and has jumped straight ahead into 2012.

The agency is selling 100 shirts that come complete with a personalized psychic prediction for the wearer. Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Claire has used her spiritual powers to predict the destiny for the future wearer. The prediction has been printed on each shirt and is available for purchase at

Each t-shirt costs £100, and all proceeds are to be donated to Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for the elderly. As for sizes, the site copy explains that if the purchaser receives a size that does not fit them, perhaps it was actually meant for another. Sadly, it sounds like a SOL.

A full audio clip of the Lucinda’s psychic reading is available to the buyer once they’ve received their shirt.

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Harvey Nichols Holiday Ad Highlights the Dreaded ‘Walk of Shame’

Harvey Nichols - Walk of Shame

Oh dear, those shiny fabrics, animal prints and too-too short party dresses seem a bit out of place in the early morning light. UK department store chain, Harvey Nichols is bringing the dreaded ‘Walk of Shame’ to light as part of it’s 2011 Christmas ad campaign.

The Walk of Shame (for the uninformed) is that long, awkward trip home, the morning after the night before. You just happen to be wearing the same clothes you were wearing when you went out.

Harvey Nichols is here to promote fashion choices that look as good in the morning light as they were turning heads at the holiday party.

The spot was created by DDB London and directed by James Rouse for Spy Films.


Virtual Fireman Turn Up the Heart in Penningtons ‘Magic Mirror’

Penningtons Magic MirrorShoppers at the Penningtons store at Heartland Centre in Mississauga were pleasantly surprised to find a little something extra waiting for them in the fitting room. As the women checked out the fit of their clothes two firemen slid down poles on either side of their reflection in the mirror.

The pair of virtual firemen flirted with the surprised women, offering a red rose and champagne before disappearing. The experience is part of Penningtons ‘Styled to Surprise’ campaign created by the creative folk at DDB Canada’s Toronto Office.

Canadians who register and share the video at before December 5th are eligible to win a $1000 shopping spree Penningtons.

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