Argentinean Air Conditioner Ad Features The Ultimate Summer Hater

BGH Summer Hater

This TV spot for BGH air conditioners features a man who hates summer. No, this guy ‘really, really’ hates summer.

He especially hates the heat of summer, but he has hate left over for the sweaty people, armpits, pissed-in pools, rancid smells and more. He hates summer so much that he imagines what if tanning oil was actually gasoline, and how it would burn them all to hell.

But, thanks to BGH air conditioners, Argentinians can enjoy their summer and be safe from this guy… at least until the weather cools off.

The ad was created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, who previously promoted BGH air conditioners with a commercial featuring dads in their underwear.


Smartraveller Travel Tales: Australian Woman Survives 360 Fall Foot from Broken Bungee Cord

Smarttraveller Travel Tales Competition

Australian Erin Langworthy was travelling in Africa when she and a friend decided to try bungee jumping. All was going well until her bungee cord snapped, dropping her 360 feet into the river below. The cord became stuck in the rocks and she couldn’t make it back to the surface, however she mustered the strength to free herself and saved her own life.

After the accident she was airlifted to a hospital in South Africa, where she received a call from the Australian Consulate in Canberra, who had been alerted when she didn’t arrive at her expected destination. Erin had registered her travel with Smartraveller before leaving on her trip, and had purchased full travel insurance that ensured treatment in a high-quality hospital and covered her $50,000 in medical bills.

While it may be difficult to find a story quite so dramatic as Erin’s, the Smartraveller Travel Tales Competition is looking for travel stories from Australians that benefited from the service, or others who had wished they had taken Smartraveller precautions. The submissions judged to be the best will win a share of $6000 in travel vouchers.

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Swedish Insurance Company Celebrates Customer with Skydiving Cat Tribute

Folksam - Skydiving Cats

For the past few years, Folksam, a Swedish insurance company, has leveraged their Emotional Barometer application to gauge the sentiment of their policyholders and countrymen. Through a series of 20 question type activities the application creates visualizations that show what activities and opinions the Swedish people are passionate about.

A new series of ads have been created to celebrate the passions shared by it’s customers, including Eva Leijonmark who is passionate about her cat Tiger. Folksam and their ad agency Akestam Holst are celebrating Eva and Tiger by creating an ad showing a group of skydiving cats that join together to spell out her name in the sky. All to the tune of R.Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

While I’m sure no cats were harmed in the making of this green-screened production, I can only imagine the damage done to the production people who dressed the cats in their little skydiving outfits.

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Huggies Brings Argentine Newborns Together for a Very Special Friends Day

Huggies: My First Friend

Every year on July 20, Argentinians celebrate El Día del Amigo, Friends Day. Teacher, musician (and dentist) Enrique Febbraro came up with the idea to celebrate Friend’s Day in Argentina after seeing the world come together in 1969 to observe man’s first steps on the moon. Friends day is also celebrated in Brazil and Uruguay on July 20 and July 30 in Paraguay.

Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina came together to create a special event for Friends Day, designing a special crib so that two newborns could spend the special day together. The event took with the support of the babies’ parents, as well as the obstetricians and nurses of the Bazterrica Clinic in Buenos Aires.