AMC Celebrates Return of The Walking Dead with Zombie Finger Giveaway

AMC Walking Dead - Countdown

Busy commuters rushing through Toronto’s Union Station can’t be blamed for doing double-takes as they head for their trains.

A massive pair of dismembered hands have been installed as part of a campaign promoting AMC’s The Walking Dead, which returns for the remaining 8 episodes of Season 3 beginning this Sunday, February 10.

Each day one of the grizzled fingers will be severed, and go up for grabs to Walking Dead fans who tweet a picture of themselves in front of the hands using the hashtag #TWDFEB10.

The agency behind the countdown is Leo Burnett Canada.


Sears Presents Zombie-Friendly Shopping for the Recently Undead… and the Humans That Fight Them

Sears Zombie-Friendly ShoppingZombies have never been hotter than they are now with movies like 28 Days, Zombieland and TV shows like AMC’s Walking Dead attracting huge audiences. Sears looks well set for a healthy retail business post-Zombie Apocalypse. They’re not playing sides here though, the retailer is providing the everyday goods that help meet the needs of both the Zombies and the Humans alike.

Humans (for now) can find specials on Craftsman chainsaws and all the tools you need to help keep the infected at bay, or even a new lawnmower to help your lawn look alive. Short on supplies? Sears can help replenish your essential household rations, and you can avoid the hordes of the undead roaming the streets by taking advantage of home delivery. Maybe you should pick up a bicycle helmet (or brain guards) or a powerful new shop vacuum ideal for removing those messy zombie remains.

Zombies haven’t been left out, the recently undead can ‘Find Their Undead Style’ with special Zombie makeovers like the one embedded above. There are blenders, which are ideal for brain smoothies or shop for Steamers and prepare a healthy Steamed Brain with Tartar Sauce and fingers Provencal. Delicious! There are patio sets to die for… again.

Having trouble on the site? With a quick click you can chat with a Zombie sales rep for tips like “zazzah graghrah” and “gragh rabbah mrh”.

The depth of the content here is impressive, and Sears has done a brave job to incorporate the idea of zombies into their website maintaining the fun and silliness of Halloween dress-up without being too offensive.

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