Crash Corsage App Brings Wedding Crashing Into the Modern Age

Crash Corsage Mobile AppIn the 2005 hit movie ‘Wedding Crashers‘, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters spend their weekends skillfully sneaking their way into the nuptials of unsuspecting couples. Once in they became the life of the party, helping themselves to food, drink and the odd bridesmaid.

Now the art of wedding crashing may have entered the modern age thanks to ‘Crash Corsage‘, a mobile app that claims to collect data from the open directories of wedding website directories like TheKnot, eWedding or, then filter the list of nearby weddings. Users can score points for leading a conga line, catching the bouquet, dancing with the bride and more.

Call me overly suspicious, but I’ll believe this app is real when I see it approved and available for download in the iTunes store. It all seems like a stunt for something yet to revealed; an elaborate wedding invitation, maybe a promotion for a wedding planner, new website or a reception location.

The Crash Corsage project is the brainchild of R/GA Associate Creative Director Eric Schlakman.