Karen O Covers ‘Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys’ for Chipotle Campaign

Chipotle and Karen O - AbandonedI love when great stuff seems to appear out of nowhere, such as last month’s video of Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ for Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation. The video also helped to raise awareness of industrial farming practices over traditional sustainable family farming practices.

Chipotle is back, this time teaming up with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O for ‘Abandoned’, a short film and cover of the Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings 1976 classic ‘Mama’s Don’t let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys’. The video features a group of boys off for a night of exploring an abandoned farm house, stumbling upon the items left by the previous residents. The video ends with the poignant message that ‘Each week in America, 330 farmers leave their land’.

The David Altobelli directed short film conveys an obvious Halloween theme that relates to Chipotle’s Boorito campaign, where customers in costumes inspired by the family farm get $2 burritos on Halloween night. Proceeds from the sale of the burritos from 6pm to closing will be donated to the Cultivate Foundation and Farm Aid.

Customers can enter the Boorito costume contest by taking a picture of themselves in-costume in front of a Chipotle restaurant. The winner will receive a grand prize of $2500. My costume suggestion would be a scarecrows. Scarecrows scare me just about as much as clowns.