Calgary Agency Uses Snowbank to Advertise Local Farmer’s Market

Calgary Farmer's Market - Open all Winter

The Calgary Farmer’s Market may be open all year round, but with bitter cold in the air and the ground frozen and covered with snow, the last thing on a person’s mind may be heading out for an afternoon at the local farmer’s market.

To help remind the folks around Calgary about the Market’s winter hours, ad agency WAX took advantage roadside snowbanks as an unexpected advertising platform. The agency planted a row of carrots in the snow, complete with a small sign saying “Open All Winter”.


Candle Ads Feature Striking Images of Nude Dancers Dripped in Warm Wax

Ecoya 'Just Add Candlelight'

Auckland-based agency Special Group and Australian fashion photographer Jez Smith, have collaborated to create a series of striking ads for Ecoya Soy candles. The ads feature two dancers from The Sydney Dance Company embracing each other as warm wax from the candles in dripped over their nude bodies.

Tony Bradbourne, Creative Director at Special Group told Campaign Brief: “We were really trying to evoke the idea of more pleasure, more romance, more sensuality – but in a simple, striking, visual way. We thought the idea of pouring wax over naked bodies, but just leaving the wax for the viewer to see, could achieve this.”

[via Campaign Brief]

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