Chevrolet Celebrates Centennial Online With Cool Cars and Pandora

Chevy 100On November 3, 1911 automotive engineer and racecar driver Louis Chevrolet cofounded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. Now, 100 years later Chevrolet is set to celebrate it’s Centennial Anniversary including a digital program incorporating a microsite, Facebook and Pandora.

The site asks the question ‘What’s the Greatest Chevy of All-Time” and features a bracket showdown of 16 Chevrolet classics including several Corvettes, Camaro, and Impala. Even the Volt managed to sneak into the sweet sixteen in what must have been a special write-in nomination from the marketing department. The voting is done by using Facebook ‘Likes’ with each vote being shared back to the user’s profile.

For those who are looking to find a party to celebrate the centennial with other car fans, the Chevrolet Facebook page features a searchable event calendar. If an event doesn’t exist in their area, a fan can create an event and add it to the calendar.

Music fans can listen a playlist of 100 songs that mention the Chevrolet brand on Pandora including ZZ Top ‘Chevrolet’ and even Billy Joel’s ‘Movin’ Out. (he’s tradin’ in his Chevy for a Cadillac-ac-ac-ac)

UPDATE Sept 25, 2011: The eventual winner was the 1969 Camaro, visit the Chevy100 site to see how the bracket competition worked out in each round.