Volkswagen Turns Norwegian Roadway into a Interactive Roulette Game

Volkswagen Bluemotion RouletteTo demonstrate just how far the new fuel-friendly Volkswagen Bluemotion Golf could travel on a single tank of glass, Norwegian agency Apt came up with the very creative idea. They decided to have two drivers head north from Oslo in the Golf using the road commonly known as the E6.

The road was divided into 80,000 car-length roulette slots using Google Maps and Streetview. A TV commercial informed Norwegians to go to the site and select the section of road that they thought the car would run out of fuel on. The lucky person who chose the correct section on the roadway won the car. Pretty simple right?

The whole drive was broadcasted live through the campaign website and 27 hours later the car finally came to a stop after driving 1527 kilometres north from Oslo.

The Bluemotion Roulette site is simple and well designed, with all the important car specs that players could use to calculate how far the car might go.

I love the idea of demonstrating the car’s fuel capabilities this way. The concept is very interactive, memorable and fun.

Volkswagen Canada Teams Up with Facebook Fans to Create Ad

I’m a big fan of the ‘Drive Until _____’ series of commercials that Volkswagen Canada has been running recently promoting the Golf. The ‘Drive Until You Find the Courage‘ spot made my ears perk up when I recognized the Jesus & Mary Chain song ‘Just Like Honey‘. The ad itself was well-done too, showing a nervous man driving around until he finally stops in front of a building. It’s then revealed that he’s going to propose as he grabs the engagement ring off the seat and runs up the stairs.

Volkwagen Canada - Let's Make an Ad TogetherThe next ad in the series ‘Drive Until It’s Time‘ continues the story with the aforementioned driver and his three friends on an all-night cruise around Toronto, including a critical stop at Apache Burgers. The boys change into their tuxes in a parking garage and just make it to the church on time.

I’m a big fan of the music from this ad also. I originally thought it might be a new track from MGMT, but my Shazam iPhone app pointed me to a track called ‘Keep the Lights On‘ by Liverpool, UK band called Wave Machines.

Let’s Make an Ad Together

Now, Volkswagen Canada wants you to help create the third ad. Head over to their Facebook page right now. Voting is in progress right now between two scripts; ‘Drive until you’re ready to talk’ (which almost made me tear up) and ‘Drive until you see double’. Once a script has been chosen, it’s on to choosing the car, the cast, the shoot, the music and then a vote on the Final Cut starting August 5.