Brad Pitt’s Younger Brother Doug Headlines New Virgin Mobile Campaign

Doug Pitt - Celebro

Life in Springfield, Missouri may not be as fast-paced as Hollywood or Cannes, but it looks like it suits Doug Pitt just fine. Doug mows the lawn, washes the car, and (eventually) sinks basketball shots without hordes of paparazzi jumping out of the bushes.

Virgin Mobile Australia have tapped Doug, the younger brother of Brad and owner of Springfield’s ServiceWorld Computer Center, as the star of their new ‘Fair Go for All’ campaign.

The idea here, is that Virgin Mobile wants to give Doug a taste of the lifestyle of his more famous brother, starting with his first celebrity endorsement. Viewers are directed to, where their Facebook Like will take Doug from ‘Just a Bro’ to ‘CeleBro’.

Oh, and by the way Virgin Mobile is offering Celebrity Deals at Celebrity Brother Deals.