MusicBunk promotes Music Discovery App by Tossing Vinyl Records

Musicbunk Vinyl Toss Viral4 friends of Pasadena agency Conscious Minds spent two days tossing vinyl albums onto a turntable in order to capture the successful landings you see in the video. The stunts are reminiscent of Ray Ban ‘Never Hide’ video from 2007 (5.1 million views) or Levi’s ‘Jeans Jump’ clip from 2008 (almost 8 million views).

The video went unbranded for a week, but now has been revealed as a promotion for MusicBunk. MusicBunk is an app that helps find out who likes the same music you do and connect with them to share songs and playlists.

While a few people will be shocked by the vinyl abuse, but anyone who’s visited a flea market or swap meet knows there’s enough scratched up vinyl to play around with.

The MusicBunk app is available for iPhone and Android.


Here’s the Spin on Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2011
Attention music lovers, in case you didn’t know today, April 16th is Record Store Day. First launched 3 short years ago in 2008, Record Store Day is now celebrated at over 700 stores in the US, more than 100 here in Canada and many more around the world. Record Store Day celebrates those independent music retailers who are working to keep

The day is now marked with hundreds of instore performances by performers such as My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters, Drive-By Truckers (full list here) and special releases from everyone from AC/DC to Lady GaGa to Yeasayer. (full list of special releases here)

Yes, I have a few 45s lying around

One of the most unusual releases is a 78rpm 10″ vinyl version of The Beach Boys classic 1966 singles Good Vibrations and a B-side of Heroes and Villains alongwith alternate takes on both songs on a separate disc. It will be interesting to know how many record buyers still have the ability to play a 78rpm record, but no doubt playing a record this rare and special may not be a good idea.

Sonic Boom on Bloor Street has a full day of performers for Toronto music lovers to check out, contact your local store for details on special releases and times

Sonic Boom Music
512 Bloor Street
1pm – Modern Superstititions
2pm – Teenanger
3pm – Bidiniband
4pm – Rouge
5pm – Ben Gunning
6pm – SIster
7pm – Light Fires
8pm – Zeus
9pm – The Wooden Sky

Sunrise Records
336 Yonge Street
12 noon – Darrelle London
2pm – The Spoons
4:30 pm – Silverstein
7 pm – Anvil

Gorillaz iPad Project ‘The Fall’ Gets Traditional Release in April

Gorillaz 'The Fall'The Fall, a collection of songs that Damon Albarn (mostly) performed and recorded on his iPad during the Gorillaz 32-day North American fall tour will finally be made available as a traditional digital download, CD and vinyl release.

The 15 tracks had been previously posted on Christmas eve to the Gorillaz website and available to anyone who had signed up to the mailing list. The Fall will be available as a special vinyl release on April 16 as part of Record Store Day 2011. A CD and digital download will be available two days later.

Some fans and critics have been very critical about the recordings referring to them as rambling and amateurish and not worthy of release under the Gorillaz monicker.

I however enjoyed the tracks for what they were, sound explorations – these are the rough and raw creative explorations, the sonic frameworks that may eventually grow into fully-realized songs or just left unheard by the public. They can’t be compared to a fully produced Gorillaz album. I enjoy hearing the creativity of Albarn in all its forms.

Albarn had described the album as a type of sonic journal, recorded in his spare time during the tour.

“I did it because there’s a lot of time that you just spend staring at walls essentially. And it was a fantastic way of doing it. I found working in the day, whether it’s in the hotel or in the venue, it was a brilliant way of keeping myself well. I literally wrote everything on the day in each place and there’s a strange sort of sound of America and its musical traditions that comes through. It feels like a journey through America.”