Fiat Brings 500 Abarth to Life Using 13 Naked Models in Body Paint

Fiat 500 Abarth - Body Paint

This week ESPN’s annual Body Issue hit the newsstands featuring striking photographs of nude athletes including and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, funnycar driver Ashley Force, and 77 year-old golf legend Gary Player among others.

Going along with the theme, Fiat USA’s ad agency, The Richards Group created an ad using the strategically positioned painted bodies of contortionists, artists and models to create what looked like a Fiat 500 Abarth, all under the watchful eye of San Francisco photographer RJ Muna.

This is not the first time this concept has been executed. In the past year Clemenger BBDO created “Body Crash” for the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, and The I.D.E.A. Brand created human motorcycles for Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

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Fred Armisen Pitches Queens of the Stone Age Album on Flash Drive

Queens of the Stone Age - USB Flash Drive

Queens of the Stone Age may have already hit #1 on the Billboard album charts with their new album ‘Like Clockwork‘, but now a new tongue-in-cheek infomercial looks to expand the availability to include USB Flash Drives. Comedian Fred Armisen, star of SNL and Portlandia, portrays Rick Chism, spokesman for the groups’s Do Stuff Corporation.

But it’s no joke, the album is available on a limited edition 8 GB USB flash drive, complete with photos, videos and extra storage for whatever you want. Fans can order the drive (which doubles as a bottle opener) for $29.99, and receive a second drive for free while supplies last.

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Deep Focus Creates Doggy-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine for Beneful

Beneful Rube Golberg Machine

Rube Goldberg was an American sculptor, writer, inventor, but he was best known at time as a cartoonist in the early part of the 1920s and 1930s.

One of his cartoon characters, Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts, was famous for inventing outlandish machines to accomplish very simple tasks. Goldberg became so well-known for illustrating these machines that in 1931 that Merriam-Webster dictionary included the word “Rube Goldberg” as an adjective for accomplishing something simple through complex means.

The advertising world has borrowed heavily from the Rube Goldberg machine concept, with dozens of ads and viral clips being created for brands over the years, including ‘The Cog’ for Honda and Panera Bread, and dozens of others.

The latest example, created by New York-based digital agency Deep Focus, with production handed by Quiet Man, for Beneful dog food may may just be the cutest. Dogs are everywhere; tossing “and” catching a frisbee, chasing tennis balls, wagging their tails, or just sitting in a small wagon looking cute as all heck.

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McDonald’s Salute Blackhawks’ Victory with Hockey Stick Fries Bus Shelter

McDonalds - Go Blackhawks

Ad agency Leo Burnett and the McDonald’s operators of Chicago and Northwest Indiana, unveiled a fitting tribute to the hometown Stanley Cup champions Chicago Blackhawks with a series of bus shelter displays featuring hockey sticks that looked like french fries. As part of the campaign the agency and McDonald’s will make a donation of hockey sticks to local youth hockey programs.

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Grey Poupon Keeps it Classy in Support of Gay Community

Grey Poupon - Spread Great |Taste

Earlier this year Crispin Porter + Bogusky delivered a mayhem-filled update of the classic Grey Poupon commercial. Leveraging that same ad creative, the agency has posted a simple, classy statement to Facebook in support of the LGBT community on behalf of the mustard brand.

Above the image of the two gentlemen characters holding hands is copy that reads, “Spread Good Taste”. The Facebook post goes on to mention, “June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.”

To no one’s surprise, the nearly 1900 comments below the ad is peppered with the usual statements of hate and intolerance, but the vast majority are in support of the brand.

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New Fiat Ad Sees Colonial America Invaded by Sexy Italian Style

Fiat USA "The Italians are Coming"

In this new ad for Fiat USA, a Paul Revere-esque character spots a cloud of dust in the distance and announces that, “The British are Coming, The British are Coming!”

A second look through his telescope reveals that the invasion is not from British troops at all, but a tight formation of bright red Italian Fiat 500Ls.

He quickly mounts his horse and rides through town yelling that “The Italians are coming, the Italians are coming!” Soon women’s dresses and hair are being shortened, the local pub has become a Club, and a table of tea is replaced with cups of espresso.

“Italian Invasion” was created by Doner and directed by Paul Goodman for Supply and Demand.

The ad features “Children of the Revolution“, a 1972 hit by T-Rex that hit #2 on the UK charts and has since become a glam rock classic.

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Fashion Brand Broadcasts New Collection Live from West Hollywood Hotel Room

Band of Outsiders - Room 29

As a touring musician, Devendra Banhart is no stranger to hotel rooms around the world. This Sunday Banhart will invite fans to virtually spend the day with him in Room 29 at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Band of Outsiders have partnered with Vice to have Banhart debut the fashion house’s rock-inspired Spring 2014 Men’s collection live from a number of hidden cameras placed around the hotel room.

The show gets underway on Sunday (June 23) at 9am PST when Banhart receives his wake-up call, and end when he has been photographed in all the looks from The Collection. During the broadcast he’ll receive instructions from the Vice staff via telephone, the Hotel Staff and type-written notes left in envelopes.

A 9am wakeup call for a rockstar? Now, that’s something I have to see. The event will be broadcast live all day at, and Follow the hashtag #Room29 to see behind the scenes content on Band of Outsider’s Twitter (@bandofoutsiders), Instragram (@thisisbandofoutsiders) and Vine (@bandofoutsiders) profiles.

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Luna Corona Billboard Captures the Crescent Moon as a Slice of Lime

Luna Corona - Crescent Moon Billboard

It appears I’m the only person who ever thought about holding my bottle of Corona up to the moon.

Working with a team of astronomers, ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has created the “Luna Corona’, a billboard located on 15th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, positioned to capture the crescent moon in the mouth of a bottle of Corona. The experience should be viewable from approximately 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET, assuming clear skies over NYC.

Luna Corona seems like a great idea for a mobile augmented reality campaign. Have Corona fans around the world capture the crescent moon using their smartphone camera, upload it with a #LunaCorona hashtag. Use each image’s GPS coordinates to designate each person’s personal beach (to bring in the campaign messaging). My apologies if this has already done, but there are certainly plenty of worse ideas out there.

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JELL-O Leverages #FML Tweets For “Fun My Life” Pudding Giveaway

JELL-O #FMLThere can be no denying that life can be tough sometimes. So, when the going gets tough, it’s time to jump onto Twitter and let everyone know just how tough things are. But don’t forget to include the #FML hashtag.

For those social media neophytes, the acronym FML stands for “Fuck my Life”, and at current count there has been nearly 60,000 #FML tweets in just the past nine days.

But, ad agency CP+B is helping JELL-O to reach out and turn those #FML frowns upside down. They’re reaching out on Twitter to “Fun My Life”, giving away coffee, free music, movies, whoopie cushions and of course, a generous helping of packs of Jell-o pudding. Check out the tweets and responses at

Last summer CP+B and JELL-O, monitored Twitter for tweets using the happy and sad face emoticons. When the number of sad faces overtook the happy faces they gave away free pudding to help improve the nation’s mood.


Do You Wake Up as a Bear? New Tempur-Pedic Spot Shows Importance of a Good Mattress

Tempur-pedic Bear

It’s Saturday morning, and if you’re anything like me, getting out of bed on the weekend can be a challenge. A new ad for Tempur-pedic demonstrates the importance of how a good night’s sleep — ideally on quality mattress — can do wonders for your personality.

In the ad two girls tell the story of how they used to live with an annoying bear. The grumpy bear gets frustrated in the grocery store, threatens a referee at the girl’s soccer game and stares hypnotized at the spinning clothes in the dryer. Then one day the bear was gone… watch the ad below.

The ad was created by Minneapolis-based agency Carmichael-Lynch and directed by Mike Mills of the Director’s Bureau.

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