Ginger Joe Beer Creates a Big Hairy Deal With London Billboard

Ginger Joe's London BillboardWhile I have my suspicions that any actual ginger-haired souls were actually shorn of head hair, eyebrow, “love rug” (dramatic pause) or god forbid, hair from anywhere else to create this hairy orange billboard for Ginger Joe, these ads still send a shudder down my spine at the thought. Ginger Joe beer was first launched in the UK back in March as the little brother brand to Stone’s Ginger Wine.

In October, Ginger Joe launched a huge billboard in the Shoreditch area of London that featured the brand’s iconic orange moustache and a QR code that directed users to the Facebook page where they could use the ‘Tache Yourself’ app to add a Ginger Joe moustache to their profile picture.

In late October, the message changed to a thank you message for everyone “who donated for the making of our big hairy poster” and an invitation to go to the Facebook page and claim one of 20,000 free bottles of Ginger Joe.

Watch the videos:

The campaign was created by London agency DHM, the PR handled by Frank.

Forget DeLoreons; Volkswagen UK Sends Time Travelers to 1976 in Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTi 35 Anniversary Tim TravelIn 1976 Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford to become US President; the Cincinnati Reds swept the Yankees in the World Series; moviegoers lined up to see Carrie and Rocky at the theatres and Paul Allen and Bill Gates first registered Microsoft as a business. Meanwhile in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen engineers were readying the original Golf GTI for its June debut.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Golf GTI in June 2011, Volkswagen has released the limited Golf GTI Edition 35. To promote the Golf GTI in the UK, Volkswagen has launched a fun campaign featuring the GTI and test driver and engineer Thomas and Alexander. With plenty of inspiration from ‘Back to the Future’ but no flux capacitor in site, the two drove their GTI Edition “back in time” (yes, I am making double quotes) in front of a crowd of special guests. The two then arrived seconds later in 1976 Wolfsburg to the amazement and curiosity of the original Golf design team.

More videos will be posted soon at the Volkswagen UK Facebook page as the two continue their time travels.

Thomas and Alexander took a few minutes to create a Spotify playlist from 1976 including songs by Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Thin Lizzy, Boston and of course ‘Play That Funky Music’ by Wild Cherry.

The campaign creative comes from DDB UK, the live event and videos are produced by Passion Raw.

Via The Drum

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Chelsea Footballers Get Their Kicks Battling Space Invaders

Chelsea footballers battle space invadersLet’s hope if 8-bit pixelated aliens ever do attack the earth in nice organized rows, that we’ll have more than professional football players to protect us from certain doom.

Four members of Chelsea FC; David Luiz, Branislav Ivanovic, Paulo Ferreira and Nicolas Anelka, were challenged by online sports book provider 188Bet to battle a building-sized version of the classic 1980s video game. The video game was projected on to a warehouse wall in Battersea, London and the four footballers took turns kicking balls at the attacking aliens.

We’ve seen a lot of these 3D projections over the past few years, but few have featured interactivity from real world objects. This example raises the ante for other projection installations.

Nicolas Anelka came out on top and won £1,500 to donate to a charity of his choice.