Agency Creates Twitter-Powered Presidential Puppet Smackdown?

Smack a Candidate

Santa Monica-based agency Ignition are set on moving the US Presidential campaign away from a mudslinging match into a puppet smackdown with ‘Smack a Candidate‘. Smack a Candidate consists of a Barack Obama and Mitt Romney puppet controlled by the posts of Twitter users.

How does it work? When you hear something from one of the candidates that you don’t like, post a tweet with the hashtag #SMACKOBAMA or #SMACKROMNEY and the puppet will take of the rest.

Smack a Candidate bouts will take place right up to election day November 6. Each round is recorded and can be viewed on the site, or watch live as the presidential punches fly.

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Toronto-Area Audi Dealer Launches Tweet Race to Win New Car

Pfaff Audi Tweet RaceToronto-area (Vaughan to be exact) auto dealer Pfaff Audi launched a competition today for Ontario Twitter users to earn a chance to win a tuned 2013 Audi W4.

The Pfaff Tweet Race looks to reward the first 10 people to attract 2500 new Twitter followers with one of 10 keys that will open the door to a custom-tuned 2013 Audi A4. The contest ends on October 28, or once the first 10 finalists have been identified.

Before you begin thinking that you can simply go out and buy 2500 followers to earn one of the keys, the rules state that all new Twitter followers will be verified. Although it’s not clear what method the organizers behind the contest will use.

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Applebee’s Offers Up Social Media Tutorials With a Twist

Applebee's Girls Night Out GoddessThomas & King, Inc. owner and operator of 88 Applebee’srestaurants in Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania has launched a new campaign to promote their ‘Life is Better Shared‘ motto.

In the three clips the Girls Night Out Goddess interrupts three social media ‘experts’ looking to provide tips on using Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with some social media tips of her own.

The campaign was created by Lexington, KY agency Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions.

Smart Argentina Turns Twitter Stream Into Flipbook Animation

SMART Argentina Twitter AnimationThere’s no denying that the SMART car is small. It’s so small that Smart Argentina has managed to fit the car inside of a tweet.

SMART Argentina has created a 455 tweet flipbook in their Twitter stream using ASCII and special characters to illustrate a SMART car driving through the city to find the perfect parking spot.

The animation ends with the message ‘ENTRA EN TODOS LADOS HASTA EN 140 CARACTERES’ (Get everywhere up to 140 characters) and ‘UNA GRAN IDEA PARA LA CIUDAD’ (A great idea for the city).

You can view the animation in your browser if you keep pressing the ‘J’ button (or down arrow) on your keyboard. If you like to watch the SMART car in reverse, use the ‘K’ or up arrow.

If you’re not able to have the tweets scroll smoothly in your browser, they’ve posted a YouTube video of the full animation.

The animated tweets were created by BBDO Argentina

The Denver Museum’s Tweetaconda Is Hungry and Needs Your Tweets to Grow

Feed the TweetacondaThe Denver Museum of Health & Science wants to create the world’s longest virtual snake and it needs your tweets to make it happen. Every tweet you create with the hashtag #Tweetaconda adds to it’s length.

The Tweetaconda is part of a campaign promoting a new, interactive exhibit featuring more than 60 live lizards and snakes. You can use the hashtag anywhere to help the snake grow, but it’s worth creating a post on the landing page just to see the snake jump up and eat your tweet, and yes… it freaks me out every time.

The exhibit is open until July 8th for the lucky folks in the Denver area.

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Gains 100,000 New Twitter Followers During Daytona 500 Delay

Brad Keselowski TwitterThe 2012 Daytona 500 may have been delayed a day and a half by rain pushing the race to start on Monday night, but no one could have predicted what would happen late in the race. Somehow Target driver Juan Pablo Montoya suffered a mechanical failure during a yellow flag and crashed into one of the jet dryer trucks that were on track clearing away some of the rubber debris. Thankfully both Montoya and the driver of the truck were not seriously injured, but the ensuing fire caused burning jet fuel to flow across a critical section of the track resulted in an extended red flag.

What followed will surely go down as another key event in the mainstreaming of Twitter. For some reason Brad Keselowski, driver of the Miller Light Dodge was carrying his iPhone with him during the race. As the race was red flagged he took this picture of the scene out of his windshield with the message “Fire! My view”.

While track repairs went on, Keselowski continued to tweet, responding to fans and taking more pictures of other drivers, reporters and NASCAR officials. By the time the checkered flag fell for the ultimate winner Matt Kenseth, Brad who had been sidelined in a crash but was sitting just short of 200,000 Twitter followers.

Keselowski is one of the most social media savvy drivers in NASCAR, and recently featured the names of 5,000 of his Twitter followers on the bed cover of his Dodge truck during Friday night’s Camping World Truck Series race.

He Tweets, He Scores! Which Team Leads the NHL in Social Media Success?

Which team leads the NHL in Social Media?It’s NHL All-Star weekend in Ottawa and the best players in the league are set to face off against each other in the skills competition and of course in the big game Sunday afternoon.

Social Media has become an essential part of any organization’s digital communications strategy, and the 30 teams that make up the National Hockey league are no different. The following is a ranking of which teams are (based on my formula) leading the NHL on the four big social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Every team has an active Facebook and Twitter account, only 15 have a YouTube account, and 21 teams have a Google+ page of which 14 are active. I debated whether to include YouTube and Google+ in the final rankings, but in the end I thought it was important to recognize teams that were having success with YouTube and ones that were establishing themselves in Google+. I did not include Foursquare, LinkedIn Groups or Tumblr (the Boston Bruins have an awesome Tumblr page).

It’s obvious when you look at the overall ranking that teams with long histories, strong fan bases and on-ice success are going to rate high. When the numbers were added up the Philadelphia Flyers came out on top, thanks to a top 10 presence on all four platforms. Original 6 teams were in the top half of the list, only the Rangers’ rank suffered at #16 due to their lack of YouTube or Google+ accounts.

To create the individual platform rankings I looked to metrics that would help to show user activity, rather than just rely on number of likes, fans, followers or subscribers to define the team’s success. The numbers in brackets below show where the team ranked on the individual platforms. For example Philadelphia ranked #6 on Facebook, #3 on Twitter, #10 on YouTube and #7 on Google+. When I add these rankings together they add up to 25 which betters Vancouver’s total of 32. You’ll see several teams with rankings of #16 and #22 for YouTube and Google+. For teams that did not have a YouTube account I ranked them all at #16, and for those without any ‘official’ Google+ presence were ranked at #23. (teams with inactive Google+ accounts were rated below the active)

Top NHL Teams on Social Media

  1. 1. Philadephia Flyers (6-3-10-7)
  2. 2. Vancouver Canucks (3-6-16-7)
  3. 3. Detroit Red Wings (4-4-2-24)
  4. 4. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-11-16-1)
  5. 5. Montreal Canadiens (5-15-6-11)
  6. 6. Chicago Black Hawks (1-10-16-15)
  7. 7. Buffalo Sabres (2-7-16-22)
  8. 8. Anaheim Ducks (16-16-1-9)
  9. 9. Edmonton Oilers (12-5-3-25)
  10. 10. Pittsburgh Penguins (14-1-16-16)
  11. 11. Boston Bruins (2-7-16-22)
  12. 12. Los Angeles Kings (15-21-8-3)
  13. 13. Tampa Bay Lightning (18-9-16-5)
  14. 14. San Jose Sharks (10-8-14-17)
  15. 15. Washington Capitals (8-17-16-13)
  16. 16. New York Rangers (9-22-16-12)
  17. 17. Dallas Stars (19-23-16-2)
  18. 18. St Louis Blues (25-13-13-10)
  19. 19. Colorado Avalanche (24-14-16-8)
  20. 20. NY Islanders (26-25-4-22)
  21. 21. Calgary Flames (13-18-12-22)
  22. 22. Nashville Predators (20-12-16-19)
  23. 23. New Jersey Devils (22-19-9-18)
  24. 24. Carolina Hurricanes (27-22-5-21)
  25. 25. Minnesota Wild (17-29-16-19)
  26. 26. Ottawa Senators (23-24-16-22)
  27. 27. Winnipeg Jets (21-27-16-22)
  28. 28. Florida Panthers (29-28-11-22)
  29. 29. Columbus Blue Jackets (28-30-15-20)
  30. 30. Phoenix Coyotes (30-26-16-29)


FacebookWith over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is the reigning king of social media platforms and all 30 teams have active brand pages there. Over 11.5 million people have ‘Liked’ NHL brand pages with the Penguins, Red Wings, Bruins and Black Hawks leading the league with over 1 million fans each. The new Winnipeg Jets have managed to attract 133,838 ‘Likes’ since launching their page less than a year ago on May 31.

To create the Facebook rankings I used total ‘Likes’, ‘People Talking About’ and percentage of total Page Likes Talking About. People Talking About provides a nice ‘snapshot in time’ adding up all the page, post likes, shares, comments, photo tags over the past 7 days. The ranking for each metric was then added together for a final overall ranking for Facebook.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Facebook

  1. 1. Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. 2. New York Rangers
  3. 3. Philadephia Flyers
  4. 4. Detroit Red Wings
  5. 5. Edmonton Oilers
  6. 6. Vancouver Canucks
  7. 7. Boston Bruins
  8. 8. San Jose Sharks
  9. 9. Tampa Bay Lightning
  10. 10. Chicago Black Hawks


TwitterTwitter is an ideal place for any fan to stay up to date on the latest news and game updates from their favorite NHL team, and all 30 teams have active accounts. Montreal and Vancouver with 233,664 and 216,747 followers respectively are out on front of the pack, with Pittsburgh trailing in third with 167,246 followers. The Winnipeg Jets are the fastest-rising team on Twitter, they already rank #14 in followers despite only launching on May 31st, of 2011.

The Twitter ranking uses number of total followers, the number of lists the team has been added to, as well as the number of retweets and references in previous the 7 days. The results of these individual metrics are added together to create the final twitter ranking.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Twitter

  1. 1. Chicago Black Hawks
  2. 2. Boston Bruins
  3. 3. Vancouver Canucks
  4. 4. Detroit Red Wings
  5. 5. Montreal Canadiens
  6. 6. Philadelphia Flyers
  7. 7. Toronto Maple Leafs
  8. 8. Washington Capitals
  9. 9. New York Rangers
  10. 10. San Jose Sharks


YouTubeEvery second one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube, and a quick search on any hockey team will bring up a long list of fan posted clips. Only 15 of the 30 teams have active YouTube accounts, the remaining teams host video on their main sites using the standard Neulion video player. 2007 Stanley Cup champs, the Anaheim Ducks are the leader on YouTube with nearly 1.3 million total views. Almost half of that total is for just two videos, 375,000 views of the Predators Ryan Suter kicking the puck into his own net in a game against the Ducks, and 199,000 watched Anaheim players attempting to speak Finnish. The NY Islanders, who have had an active YouTube account since September 2006 were second with 730,243 total views. The Red Wings followed in third with 565,250 views followed closely by the Oilers with 554,868.

Top 10 NHL Teams on YouTube

  1. 1. Anaheim Ducks
  2. 2. Detroit Red Wings
  3. 3. Edmonton Oilers
  4. 4. New York Islanders
  5. 5. Carolina Hurricanes
  6. 6. Montreal Canadiens
  7. 7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. 8. Los Angeles Kings
  9. 9. New Jersey Devils
  10. 10. Philadelphia Flyers


Google+Google+ may only be 6 months old, but in that time it has attracted 90 million fans and many more to come as Google forces new users to sign up for a G+ and Gmail accounts. Some NHL teams such as Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Buffalo have embraced Google+ and are posting content regularly. 21 of the 30 NHL teams have created ‘official’ Google+ pages, while only 14 of those 21 were active at the time of review.

Teams are ranked on Google+ rankings based on a total of how many circles they have been added to and times they have been +’d. Teams with inactive Google+ accounts were ranked below teams that are active, and teams that have yet to establish any presence were all ranked #22.

Toronto Maple leafs currently lead the league as they belong to 1569 circles and have been +’d 1008 times (as of Jan 27, 2012). Dallas is second belonging to 1231 circles and have been +’d 133 times.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Google+

  1. 1. Toronto Maple Leafs
  2. 2. Dallas Stars
  3. 3. Los Angeles Kings
  4. 4. Buffalo Sabres
  5. 5. Tampa Bay Lightning
  6. 6. Philadephia Flyers
  7. 7. Colorado Avalanche
  8. 8. Vancouver Canucks
  9. 9. Anaheim Ducks
  10. 10. Montreal Canadiens

Hope you enjoyed this social media snapshot of the NHL. I have plans to look at the NFL, NBA, and English Premier League in the near future. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on the way that I ranked the teams.

Now that I have the numbers I’d like to dig down a bit deeper and review the content and engagement strategies that are being used, but first I’m going to relax with a few ‘pops’ and enjoy a weekend of All Star hockey. Cheers and Go Leafs Go!

365 Authors, 1 Artist: UK Twitter Project Raises Money for Teenage Cancer Trust

3Hundredand65 ProjectArtist Dave Kirkwood has a long year ahead of him as he creates a drawing each day for the 3hundredand65 project (yes, I know 2012 is a leap year with 366 days). Each day a new author will add to the story with a single tweet, then Kirkwood will create an original illustration based on that tweet. At the end of the year the sketchbooks will be auctioned off, with the price starting at £120; the cost of the sketchbooks.

The project is in support of Teenage Cancer Trust, a UK charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults undergoing treatment for various forms of cancer.

The website was designed by Manchester design agency Corporation Pop.

via The Drum

Twitter Users Can Watch the Full Premiere Episode of NBC’s Grimm Two Weeks Early

NBC GrimmOne of the most intriguing new shows this new TV season is the NBC fantasy-drama Grimm. The show follows Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective in Portland, Orgeon – who discovers that he is a descendent of the ‘Grimms’.

However, it turns out that the Grimms are not just the famous storytellers that everyone thinks they are. It turns out that the fairy tale stories they told about were real, and that the family line has had the important role of policing the balance of humans and the mythological creatures.

Jacob and Wilhelm, the ‘real’ Brothers Grimm, released collections of hundreds of legendary fairy tales in the 1800s, so if the show does take off, the producers will have plenty of content to work with.

NBC has taken a bold step to get the buzz rolling on social media by letting Twitter users watch the full-length premiere episode of Grimm simply by following @NBCGrimm. Viewers will then be send a DM with a unique code to unlock the video on the NBC site.

The first episode plays around with the Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf characters. It’s fast-paced fun as Nick starts to discover more about his family’s secret history. As I watched I couldn’t help thinking of the campy horror of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ series. It will be interesting if the show can find it’s dedicated audience within the cut throat competition of network television.

Grimm will premiere on Friday, October 28 at 9pm.

ABC’s Pan Am Social Media Efforts Help Show Take Flight

ABC Pan-Am Social Media SitesIt’s the traditional fall TV premiere season and the networks are pulling out all the stops to promote their new crop of shows. Audiences are by no means guaranteed anymore as the TV viewing public is faced with hundreds of options in each time slot, as well as other activities such as video games, internet content and especially social media to distract their eyeballs. TV shows hoping to connect with an audience in 2011 must look to social media to not only promote, but to provide a second and third screen experience on laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

In January, 2011 Neilson and Yahoo revealed survey results (to little surprise) that indicated that 86% of mobile phone users use the internet on their device while watching TV. Of those people, 33% were using mobile apps, 37% were browsing the internet and 40% were interacting with their friends on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Pan Am debuts this Sunday
Sunday marks the premiere of ABC’s highly-anticipated and heavily marketed show Pan Am (I even received a physical postcard in the mail, the ‘real’ mail!). The show is based on the experiences of Nancy Hult Ganis who worked as a Pan Am stewardess for the airline from 1968 to 1975. However, the show will first go back to the year 1963, touching upon the music and style of that time, as well as the significant political and cultural events.

ABC’s offcial Pan Am website features video, photos, cast bios and a discussion area featuring user and official tweets and Facebook status updates. The site links to their social media outposts on Facebook, Twitter and Pandora as well as partner sites such as

Your Facebook Flight Crew
The ‘My Flight Crew‘ application on the show’s Facebook page allows fans to create their own Pan-Am ID (despite my best efforts, mine looks super-creepy), choose a destination and assemble a flight crew including their friends to unlock exclusive content.

Pandora Pan-Am Station
My favorite part of the show’s social media effort is the Pandora Pan-Am Station, featuring selections of great pop, soul and jazz music from the 60s including Tony Bennett, Ricky Nelson, James Brown and of course the iconic Frank Sinatra. It’s been playing all morning and I haven’t hit the skip arrow on any of the tracks.

Tweet Powered Flights
Fans of the show can enter to win an exclusive Pan-Am travel bag by sending a tweet with the #PanAm hashtag on the Pan Am Tweet Flight site. Each tweet advances the airplane 1000 feet towards its stop on a trip around the world, awarding prizes at random intervals. Each week sees the flight heading off to a different destination from a short London to Paris jaunt to a long haul to Hong Kong.

Unlock Limited Stickers on GetGlue
Earn exclusive stickers on GetGlue by checking in to the show. It seems odd to let users ‘check-in’ to the show before it airs, but over 55,000 GetGlue users have done just that. FYI, yes GetGlue does send you actual stickers if you want – when you have unlocked 20 stickers you can make a request to have physical stickers mailed to you.

Travel Deals
If you’re feeling the itch to travel the one of the exotic locations featured on the show, starting Sunday at 11pm EST travel site will begin to offer weekly deals based on the episode.

Travel Accessories
If all this Pan-Am content makes you want to take on a stylish retro look when you travel, check out US retailer Brookstone’s stylish bags and accessories.

It’s good to see the efforts that ABC is putting into social media to promote the show. The Pan Am brand has a nostalgic appeal to a 1960s lifestyle and style that has already been proven successful to shows like Mad Men.