Calgary Philharmonic Chorus Sings Winter Warm-Up Tweets

Calgary Philharmonic Chorus Sings Winter Warm-Up TweetsIt’s true that Calgary can be a pretty cold place in the winter, but like most places here in the Great White North, Calgarians have developed unique ways to stay warm when the snow begins to pile up and the temperatures start to drop.

To help warm up the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus for the 2011 winter season, Tourism Calgary asked its Twitter followers to tweet their answers to the question, “How do you stay warm in #YYC?”. The tweets using the hashtag #cpowarmup were brought together and the 20 best ones were set to the music of ‘O Fortuna’ by Chorus Master Timothy Shantz.

The results were recorded on November 29 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall and feature such helpful keep warm tips as, “Bowls of noodles, Warm hot chocolate, Gravy Action on my cheese”, “Try hot yoga! or a nose hat! Or black silk long underwear” or my personal favorite “Clothes in dryer. Set the timer. Hop into a warm outfit”.

The project was created by Vancouver social media agency Village & Co.. The video was shot and edited by Calgary’s Nur Films.

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