Toronto Humane Society & Rethink Canada Partner to Keep Dogs Safe

Toronto Humane Society Dog SafetyToronto agency Rethink Canada has launched a campaign with the Toronto Humane Society to not only raise awareness of dogs dying from heat exhaustion when left in cars, but to offer solutions and warning systems for people who travel with their pet.

Of course, the best solution is to simply leave your dog at home, or have someone stay with the dog in the vehicle while necessary errands are done.

The first project in the campaign is the PSA embedded below. The ad drives people to, a web and mobile web-friendly site that uses geolocation to find stores and businesses near you that allow dogs. Next up is the launch of ‘Doggy Havens’, areas where dog owners can have Toronto Humane Society volunteers watch their pooches while they shop or run errands.

Finally is the development of the ‘Dog Caller’ (pictured above right), a dog collar containing a thermistor sensor and code chip that will alert an owner’s smartphone when the temperature reaches 26.5 degrees. The goal is for the collar and app to be available to the public in early 2013.

[via Strategy, the Star]