Budweiser Surprises Toronto Rec-League Teams in Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser Canada Flash Fans AdWhen the guys from Les Amigos and the Toronto Generals showed up for their recreational league game at the Port Credit arena (capacity 700) back in December they had little idea what was in store for them. The two teams had been told that a documentary production crew was at the rink was there to shoot footage about rec league hockey.

During the second period, 500 fans in team colours, costumes and bodypaint rushed into the tiny arena to the surprise of the players. As Budweiser banners around the rink were unfurled the fans were followed by costumed team mascots and a play-by-play crew and soon gave the quiet rec-league game an NHL atmosphere, including kerfluffles.

Tied at the end of regulation time, the Generals came out on top 4-3 after an overtime goal. I suspect both teams had ample opportunity to celebrate with a few Buds after the game.

It’s a thrill to see the local Port Credit hockey arena featured in a national ad. The 52 year-old arena had only recently re-opened after over a year of extensive renovations.

The ad will be seen this Sunday during CTV’s Super Bowl broadcast.