Tiffany Shows What Makes Love True on Microsite & iPhone App

Tiffany & Co. - What Makes Love True

On June 1, Tiffany & Co. launched the What Makes Love True microsite and iPhone app featuring stories of love and romance in the city of Manhattan.

The site and app both feature the same content but After clicking around I found myself far more engaged with the iPhone app rather the microsite. The site seemed to present far too many options on each page while on the iphone app focused on one thing at a time and most features seemed only a tap or two away.

The What Makes Love True app is divided into four sections:

Love Stories includes a short film by Ed Burns called ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and a series of 10 stories of couples finding love in Manhattan. The intriguing stories are told through still images and voiceovers from the couples themselves.

Tiffany’s New York features a selection of the most romantic spots in Manhattan for a couple to have a romantic meeting.

The Art of Romance features a collection of exclusive tracks and classic songs from artists such as John Legend and Stevie Wonder. This section also includes a list of romantic Hollywood movies that featured Manhattan as a backdrop. If you’re ready to take your romance to the next level Tiffany’s has a list of 40 tips for romance.

Love is Everywhere allows you to place a heart at any location along with you and your partner’s initials, and a short message explaining why that location is special.

The site and iPhone are being promoted on Tiffany’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and the website home page. After playing with the app for nearly an hour, even I was ready to head on over to Tiffany’s to check out some bling.

The What Makes Love True iPhone app is available Free in the Apple App Store. A video demo of the site and app can be found on YouTube.