Flying People Invade New York to Promote the Movie Chronicle

Flying people in New York CityOn Monday New Yorkers may have been startled to see what looked like three people flying around near the Brooklyn bridge and the Statue of Liberty. My first thought was “oh no, this is not going to end well”. But all was fine as the flying people turned out to be simply remote-control airplanes fashioned with a body shaped like a human silhouette. In the video embedded above you can see that from a distance they look pretty good.

The stunt turned out to be a promotion for the movie ‘Chronicle‘, a story of three high school friends who gain superpowers (including flying) that is set for release this Friday.

The promotion was carried out by New York viral video company Thinkmodo, who have carried out such previous campaigns as the Times Square fake video transmitter for ‘Limitless‘ and the sawed off parking meter clip for ‘In Time‘.