eBay Uses QR Codes to Connect Window Shoppers to Mobile Commerce

Ebay Inspiration RoomOnline shopping and auction site eBay has partnered with artist and interior designer Jonathan Adler to create ‘The Inspiration Shop’, a series of real-life shop windows located on Park Avenue in New York City.

Adler has filled the windows with items from the wish lists of more than 20 celebrity tastemakers. Each of the items features a QR code that can be scanned using the eBay app. The shopper is then linked to the eBay mobile site where they can purchase the item. Shoppers from outside the city can view the collection of items on the eBay Facebook page or by visiting the mobile site

The Inspiration Shop was created as a way for eBay to promote it’s mobile commerce capabilities. Shoppers now have the potential to research, choose and purchase an item from wherever they are. Emerging technologies such as Near-Field Communications and frictionless mobile payment systems will soon be in place to further remove more barriers to purchase.