Terrifying German Tea Ad Will Brew Up Your Nightmares

Herbaria Drown Your Fears

Most ads for tea take the safe route, showing people gently sipping their freshly brewed tea as they relax and take a break from the business of their day.

German organic food producer Herbaria has gone the complete opposite direction in advertising the calming effects of their tea products. The ad features actors portraying Pennywise the clown from ‘It’, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Grim Reaper. The characters are dropped into water where they fight for their lives while being dragged down by tea bags wrapped around their legs.

‘Fears’ was created by Hamburg agency Jung von Matt/Necktar and directed by Andreas Roth for Tempomedia Filmproduktion.

[via Creative Criminals]


Tetley Canada Replaces Boring Shopping Carts With Personal Butlers

Tetley Canada Replaces Shopping Carts with Personal ButlersTetley Canada wants to provide a break to those monotonous everyday routines we all face with their new Infusions product. To promote this idea they took over a Cousins Market right here in my neighbourhood here in Port Credit, replacing the ‘everyday’ shopping carts with a group of ‘sharp-looking’ shopping butlers.

It’s a lot fun to watch the variety of reactions of people as they approach the store.

The campaign was created by Toronto’s John St., and includes a contest to win a trip to Toronto and a visit to the set of CBC’s Being Erica. More details are available on the Tetley Canada Facebook page.