Vancouver Aquarium Promote Babies Exhibit with Pregnancy Tests for Men

Vancouver Aquarium BabiesThe men watching the hockey game back on March 6 at Vancouver’s Speakeasy Bar & Grill were in for two surprises. The first was watching their beloved Canucks lose 5-2 to the Dallas Stars, and the second was finding a pregnancy test mounted inside the urinals.

The pregnancy test sticks were treated with a heat-sensitive material and once ‘peed on’ displayed a positive sign indicating that the man was pregnant. A poster mounted above the urinal showed a pregnant male seahorse and copy that read, “In an aquatic land not so far away, mommies aren’t the only ones who get pregnant.”

The campaign was launched to promote the ‘Babies’, the Vancouver Aquarium’s spring exhibit that runs until May 6. Visitors to the aquarium learned about unusual ways that different animal species breed and care for their offspring.

A print campaign with the tagline “Baby stories unlike any other” featured mockups of children’s books titled ‘Goodbye Tail, Hello Legs‘ about tadpoles turning into frogs, and a slightly disturbing “I Love All My Eggs the Same (Including the ones I eat)“. QR codes on the posters link to YouTube videos where a narrator reads each of the short stories.

The ‘Baby stories unlike any other’ campaign was created by Taxi Vancouver.