TaskRabbit Hops Around SXSW in Fuzzy Bunny TaskVan

TaskRabbit SXSW #Taskvan

Outside of the conference itself, SXSW is known for it’s meetups, late-night parties and general shenanigans. So, seeing a giant fuzzy bunny cruising down the street may not come to a shock to bleary-eyed, hard-partying festival-goers.

TaskRabbit, the online marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood, is turning heads on the streets of SXSW this year in a fur-covered bunny van, complete with floppy ears and fluffy tail. With a hat-tip to the Mutt Cutts Van from the 1994 Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels movie Dumb & Dumber, the TaskVan is hopping from event to event handing our tshirts and other schwag to festival-goers.

TaskRabbit SXSW #Taskvan

[via Mashabale]

photo via Twitter

Samuel Adams Uses Facebook to Crowd-Craft New Beer for SXSW

Samuel Adams “Crowd Craft Project” appSamuel Adams fans can have their say on the creation of a new beer by using the ‘Crowd Craft Project’ app hosted on the Samuel Adams Facebook page.

Fans can use the app to select the color, clarity, body, malt, hops and yeast for the crowd sourced brew, as well as learn more about the brewing process. The folks at Samuel Adams will begin the brewing process once the voting ends on February . 5th.

The beer will make it’s debut at Guy Kawaski’s Girl + Guy party on march 10 at the SXSW Interactive Festival, as well as select bars in Austin and Boston.