Swiss Garnier Fructis Ads Feature ‘Rocker Dude’ Beard Illusion

At first glance this recently released series of ads created by Publicis Zurich for Garnier Fructis features a trio of tough-looking rocker dudes with full healthy beards that would make the guys in ZZ Top jealous.

It may take you a second to notice that the beards are actually the flowing hair of women standing in front of the men. The ad copy reads “For any hair type”, and promotes that Garnier Fructis’ hair care products will work great for both men and women.

The eye-catching illusions were captured by Berlin-based photographers Billy & Hells.

Garnier Fructis - "For any hair type"

Garnier Fructis - "For any hair type"

Garnier Fructis - "For any hair type"

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SEAT Switzerland Gives Away Car for the End of the World

SEAT - End of the World

By now, the vast majority of sane people know that the end of the world is not coming later this week. But if the predicted doomsday does begin to unfold, SEAT will have the ultimate getaway car standing by for one lucky person.

Getaway to what? I have no idea.

A giant-sized emergency box has been set up outside the Winterthur main station containing a new SEAT Leon FR. Until December 20th at 12:12, people can visit and signup to win use of the car until December 28. Or, if the world does indeed end, they keep the car. So, at least the winner has that to look forward to.

The installation was created by the Zurich offices of Saatchi & Saatchi.


BMW Switzerland Recruits Backseat Singers to Create the World’s Fastest Christmas Song

BMW Switzerland - Fastest Christmas Carol

So, just how do you create the world’s fastest Christmas Song?

BMW Switzerland and their agency Draftfcb, Zurich first recruited a group the brave singers of Zurich A Cappella, and suited them with safety gear and strapped them into a new BMW M135i. Then set them loose on the Circuit de l’Anneau du Rhin with Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters pro driver Martin Tomczyk at the wheel.

Between squealing tires and screaming passengers the group did manage to get through a few verses of Jingle Bells before their adventure was over.

Not satisfied withe simply terrorizing vocalists, BMW Switzerland recruited illustrator, Gavin Patterson to create artwork for the ‘World’s Fastest Christmas Card‘ while riding shotgun with BMW precision driver Urs Inauen. The resulting art required labels to help identify Santa and his presents among the marker scribbles.

World’s Fastest Christmas Song

World’s Fastest Christmas Card

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