The Shelves of an East London Corner Shop Come Alive for Red Stripe

Red Stripe - Corner Shop Music

Recently, the creative folks at KesslerKramer’s KK Outlet, worked with Stinkdigital and Hirsch&Mann to transform an ordinary corner shop in East London into an immersive animated experience for Red Stripe beer.

As customers reached into the refrigerated shelves for a Red Stripe, the shelves came alive with shaking and tapping of boxes, bottles, cans, packets of crisps, and more. The sounds were programmed to perform the 1978 ska classic “A Message to You Rudy” by The Specials.

Check out the amazing ‘making of’ video embedded below.

How Red Stripe made music in the corner shop.


Geox Tests Waterproof Boots in the Rainiest Place on Earth… During Monsoon Season

Geox Amphibiox Cherrapunjee

What better place for Italian shoe brand Geox to conduct a test their Amphibiox waterproof boots than the rainiest place on earth… during monsoon season. The town of Cherrapunjee is located in Meghalaya state, northeastern India, and has an average annual rainfall of 12,028 mm. By comparison, one of the rainiest place in Canada is Hartley Bay – located south of Prince Rupert in BC – with an annual rainfall of 4549 mm, is far less than half the rainfall of Cherrapunjee.

The brand brought along four ‘product testers’, who they recruited earlier this summer on the Geox Facebook page. Along for the experience were: Venice Tour Guide, Andrea D’Alpaos; Spanish lawyer, David Subirats; Swiss photographer, Claudia Leisinger; and British ski instructor, Rob Spears.

The test is presented as a journey through the streets of Cherrapunjee. One by one, you meet each of the ‘testers’ and see a short film of their exploration in the village, forests and caves in the area. The gorgeously shot films are a pleasure to watch, and despite the gloominess of the environment, the beauty is more than apparent in the landscape and faces of the local people.

Data displayed on the top of the screen shows how many steps were taken in the boots, how much rain they were exposed to, the terrain, external temperature and of course, the dryness inside the boot.

The site was created by Oslo agency, SMFB, video was directed by with Rohan Blair-Mangat and production by London’s Stinkdigital.

[via Creativity]