Stihl Urges Australians to Step Away From Their Computers and Go Outside

STIHL Brand Campaign from Whybin TBWA on Vimeo.

Stihl - Get Real. Go OutsideAs we in the north of North America begin to feel the cool days of fall creeping into our area, the folks in Australia are celebrating spring. Now I`m no expert on the Australian climate, but from a quick glance it appears winter would be considered `sweater-weather`here. Either way, it`s the early days of spring and Stihl, manufacturer of chainsaws, hedge trimmers and other yard maintenance tools is launching a new campaign with a cool-looking 60-second TV spot (embedded above).

The ad promotes the idea of families spending more time outside in their backyards, and less time sitting inside watching television and messing around on computers (which oddly I am doing as I write this). It makes this point by showing `pixelated` one dimensional versions of a dog chasing a stick, a man watering his vegetable garden, even friends sitting at a picnic table speaking to each other as if they are texting. The pixels begin to break away and the commercial ends with the message – Get Real. Get Outside.

The creative comes from WhybinTBWATequila with production by Good Oil Films, the cool special effects were created by Fin Effects & Design.