Coca-Cola Portugal’s Lost Wallet Experiment Puts Honesty to the Test

Coca-Cola Portugal Lost WalletWhat if you found a wallet on the street? Would you return it?

Now imagine if you found a wallet containing a ticket to that Sunday’s big football match, and the ticket belonged to a fan of the rival team. Would you still return it or would you leave your rival’s supporter out in the cold?

The lost wallet has been used many times in promotions simply because it works. We can all relate to the issue. I’ve lost my wallet (at least) three times and it’s been returned to me each time. I’ve also found a few wallets and turned them in where I found them.

Coca-Cola put the fans of Sport Lisboa e Benfica to that very test a few weeks ago. The upcoming weekend featured a game against their Lisbon rivals Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon). Coca-Cola dropped a wallet inside the Benfica Megatore and ticket office. The wallet contained a ticket to that weekend’s big game as well as a prominent membership card of Sporting Clube de Portugal.

95% of the fans put to the test turned the wallet right away (kudos to them). Coca-Cola rewarded the honest fans with applause, handshakes and tickets to the big games.

As for the game itself, Benfica came out on top 1-0.

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