Reckless Racing with Real Cars Controlled from a Smartphone

Xperia Studio - Reckless Racing for Real

Reckless Racing is one of one of the better car racing games available for smartphones and tablets. It has a nice hillbilly backwoods/dirt road racing feel to it. The sound effects of gravel spinning up against the underside of the car are something I can definitely relate to from both growing up in a rural area and being a fan of Dukes of Hazzard. It looks like the ‘Dukes’ may have been a big influence on the game developers at Sweden’s Pixelbite.

Sony wanted to demonstrate the game control ability of their Xperia PLAY phone with D-Pad and Playstation buttons. The Experia Studio project worked with the aforementioned Pixelbite and car hacker Dr. James Brighton to create the game in the real world, using the smartphone to control actual cars.

Reckless Racing uses some cool vehicles such as pickup trucks, muscle cars, and jeeps, so I was a little disappointed when I saw that they were using two MGFs. But since you can pick them up for a few thousands pounds, it probably fit in nicer with the project budget than importing a couple of muscle cars from the US.

On race day at Bentwaters (an abandoned airbase) it was Martin Noriander, co-founder of Reckless Racing developer Pixelbite, facing off against gamer and writer for Pocket-Lint, Hunter Skipworth. I assume th


Sony Ericsson Needs Someone to Build a Minecraft Dreamworld for Kristen Schaal

Sony Ericsson XPeria PLAY - Build for KristenI first learned about Minecraft a year or so ago when a colleague mentioned that his 12 year old son was engrossed with it. The game focuses on creativity and building skills as players build items using blocks made of different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, and wood to create whatever they imagine. It can be played in two different ways, in the classic Creative mode or the more popular Survival mode. As of October, 2011, Minecraft has 14 million registered users.

To promote Minecraft:Pocket Edition for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia PLAY gaming platform, comedian Kristen Schaal is looking for (in her words) “a super-genius Minecraft wizard to slave away and build her something so extraordinary that she goes into a coma for half a year”. To enter Minecraft builders are asked to post a video of their creation for Kristen on the Sony Ericsson Facebook page. Surely a few of those 14 million users will step up and make Kristen’s dreams come true.

An early entry (the contest is open until November 7) from Josh W. comes complete with a heart-shaped jacuzzi powered by lava from a volcano, as well as a Mount Rushmore featuring both his and Kristen’s face.

The contest is open to entries from all 50 Unites States as well as Canada (excluding Quebec). The winner receives a trip for two to New York to New York to meet Jessica Schall in person.