“Help, I have the Flu” App Identifies Flu Symptoms Among Your Facebook Friends

Help Remedies - 'Who Gave Me the Flu' Facebook AppBeing sick with the flu is a simple reality in the winter, now with people returning to work and school after the holidays the spread of the flu will begin in earnest. In most cases a few days or rest, fluids and isolation will do the trick.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to analyze the social media updates of friends, co-workers and family for complaints about sneezing, sore throat, runny noses or other no so pleasant flu-like symptoms.

OTC healthcare company Help Remedies is here to help with the Facebook app ‘Help, I have the Flu‘.

If you already have the flu, select “Who Made Me Sick?”, or if you’re not feeling ill yet, select “Who Might Made Me Sick?”, and the app analyzes the status updates of your Facebook friends, and reports on which one of them are updating their status with symptoms of the flu.

Once your ill-feeling friends have been identified, you can choose to send them a product from Help Remedies or send them a Quarantine message explaining you may not be replying to the posts or attending their events until everyone is feeling better.

The “Help, I have the Flu” App was produced by Tool of North America.